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    High Speed Action

    The karts used at PKRA are actual racing machines, designed to thrill any motorsports enthusiast. PKRA Racing

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  • Sunday Races

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    Sunday Races

    PKRA sets a 9 Race Winter Season with a Bonus Race. View Schedule

  • The 4-Cycle Super Showdown

    Race Information

    First heat grid line up will be based on first Registered to last Registered. Registration will open on line at 12noon Sep. 13th, Arizona time. Each heat will be longer and worth more points than the previous heat. Points will accumulate and the grid will line up based on total points. The winner of the showdown will be the driver with the most points accumulated over the 6 heats.

    Race Highlights

    • Up to $5,000 in prize money, for classes with 10 or more enteries
    • 5 classes
    • 6 heat races for each class
    • 90 laps of racing
    • 90 minutes of on track practice time available for each class

    IKF 2014 Rules
    Fuel: MS98 at Market price available at the track.
    Tires: MG HZ, OR Bridgestone YLC, OR Burris 55, one set, your choice, for both days.
    A limited amount of MG tires will be available at the track for sale by local kart shops.