PKRA Bylaws

Article Index

ARTICLE 4 Membership 

4.01. Classes. 

The membership of the corporation shall be divided into two classes: 

  1. Basic Members and
  2. Family Members

Membership in the corporation, irrespective of class, shall not be transferable or assignable. 

4.02. Eligibility. 

The membership in the corporation shall be restricted to individuals who own or drive karts, or who are interested in the accomplishment of the corporation’s purposes as set forth in its articles of incorporation and these bylaws. In addition to the foregoing eligibility requirements applicable to all members, membership of the specific classes shall be restricted as follows: 

A Family Member must be a parent, spouse or child of an individual who is a Basic Member in good standing. 

4.03. Application and Dues. 

Application and Dues. Any person eligible for membership shall become a member upon 

  1. the acceptance and approval by the Board of Directors of such person’s written membership application after the same has been submitted in the form required by the Board of Directors, and 
  2. payment of dues for the membership year in the amount and on such date as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors from time to time with respect to the class of membership applied for. The Board of Directors shall prescribe the date on which a membership year shall commence, and a membership year shall be 365 days, unless such membership year encompasses a leap year, in which case it shall be 366 days. 
4.04. Obligations. 

In addition to the of payment of dues prescribed by the board of directors, the members of the corporation shall at all times observe and obey the rules and regulations adopted from time to time by the board of directors regarding the use of the corporation’s facilities and the personal conduct of persons attending events sponsored by the corporation. 

4.05. Privileges. 

All members of the corporation, regardless of class, shall be entitled, on an equal basis with all other members, to enjoy the rights and privileges of membership subject to the rules, fees and conditions prescribed by the board of directors from time to time with respect thereto, except as follows: 

Family members shall not have the right to vote with respect to any matter which is referred to or determined by a vote of the membership. 

ARTICLE 5 Termination or Suspension of Membership 

5.01. Voluntary. 

A member may withdraw from membership in the corporation by requesting the secretary to delete his or her name from the membership rolls. The secretary may comply with the request without further authority than this provision of these bylaws. 

5.02. Involuntary. 
  1. A member shall be suspended if such member fails to pay the required dues when the dues for his or her membership for the current membership year are due, as prescribed by the Board of Directors, or 
  2. A member may be suspended by a vote of two-thirds vote of the Board of the Directors if such member engages in conduct or engages in conducts which violates the rules and regulations prescribed from time to time by the Board of Directors, or which is otherwise detrimental to the best interests of the Corporation. 

Upon written notice of such suspension, the suspended member shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to be heard, in person or through a representative of his or her choosing, by the Board of Directors or a committee appointed by the Board of Directors for this purpose, concerning the alleged misconduct which is the basis for such suspension. After such hearing, the Board of Directors, by a two-thirds vote, may continue the suspension for a definite period of time, or terminate the suspension or expel the member. The Board of Directors decision shall be final. Upon the suspension or expulsion of a Basic Member, the Board of Directors may, at its discretion, suspend or expel any Family Member whose eligibility for membership depends upon the good standing of the suspended or expelled Basic Member. 

5.03. Refunds. 

There shall be no refunds of dues upon withdrawal, termination or suspension of membership.