PKRA Bylaws

Article Index

ARTICLE 11 Amendments 

The membership shall have power to make, amend and repeal the bylaws of the corporation by vote of the majority of members present at any regular or special membership meeting at which a quorum is present, provided that written notice of the proposed amendments are given with the notice of the meeting, and provided that Section 7.14 shall be amended only upon the approval of at least two-thirds of all members. Voting on any such amendment shall be by secret ballot. Any member may propose an amendment to these bylaws by submitting the same in writing to the secretary, who shall cause a copy of the proposed amendment, together with the name or names of the members who submitted the same, to be included in the notice of the next annual or special membership meeting. 

ARTICLE 12 Miscellaneous 

12.01. Notices. 

Official notices and communications to the membership or the directors may be contained in a newsletter or in such other mailings as the board of directors may authorize. 

12.02. Fiscal Year. 

The corporation’s fiscal year shall be the calendar year. 

12.03. Indemnification. 

To the extent permitted by Arizona law, the corporation shall indemnify its officers and directors against any and all liability and costs arising from any act done in good faith on behalf of the corporation or in the course of performing their duties.