2017 4-Cycle Showdown Oct 20-22
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Phoenix Kart Racing Association, Inc.

22500 N 43rd Ave
Glendale, AZ 85310, USA
Physical Address and Package Shipping
20118 N 67th Ave, #300-179
Glendale, AZ 85308, USA
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Track Signage
    2ft X 2ft sign $375 for 1 year
    2ft X 4ft sign $525 for 1 year
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Web Advertising
    $500 for 1 year
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PKRA Track Rental

$100 per hour, two hour minimum
includes up to 4 drivers;  Attitional driver $35 flat rate
$75 flat rate charge for lights

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Board of Directors

Executive Board
President   Paul Hendricks President@pkra.com
Vice President   Bernie Lacotta VicePresident@pkra.com
Secretary   Bill Scheets Secretary@pkra.com
Treasurer  Jeff Smale (tent.) Treasurer@pkra.com


Paul Hendricks   (Exp 8/2018) Hendricks@pkra.com
Bernie Lacotta   (Exp 8/2018) Lacotta@pkra.com
Jeff Smale   (Exp 8/2019) Smale@pkra.com
Bill Scheets   (Exp 8/2019) Scheets@pkra.com
Scott Cebulski   (Exp 8/2018) Cebulski@pkra.com
Casey Rogalski   (Exp 8/2019) Rogalski@pkra.com
Richie Underwood   (Exp 8/2019) Underwood@pkra.com


General Inquiry info@pkra.com Directors
Advertising  Advertising@pkra.com  
Kart Numbers  KartNumbers@pkra.com  <not managed>
Marketing Director Marketing@pkra.com  
Membership membership@pkra.com Bill Scheets
Motocross moto@pkra.com Craig Skelton
Alex Akers
Pit Spaces  PitSpaces@pkra.com Bill Scheets
Points Points@pkra.com Mark Traylor
Public Relations  PR@pkra.com  
Safety Director Safety@pkra.com Bernie Lacotta
Scheduling  Scheduling@pkra.com Bernie Lacotta
Sponsorship  Sponsorship@pkra.com  
Tech Director Tech@pkra.com Bernie Lacotta
Track Maintenance  Maintenance@pkra.com Bernie Lacotta
Track Rental TrackRental@pkra.com Bernie Lacotta
(623) 225-9407
Training Director Training@pkra.com Rich Bowen
(602) 909-9511
Trophies and Prizes  Trophies@pkra.com Casey Rogalski
Volunteering Volunteer@pkra.com Bernie Lacotta
Website  webmaster@pkra.com Bill Scheets