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Phoenix Kart Racing Association, Inc.

22500 N 43rd Ave E
Glendale, AZ 85310, USA
Physical Address and Package Shipping
20118 N 67th Ave, #300-179
Glendale, AZ 85308, USA
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Advertise with PKRA

Track Signage
    2ft X 2ft sign $375 for 1 year
    2ft X 4ft sign $525 for 1 year
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Web Advertising
    $500 for 1 year
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Arrive and Drive / Kart Rental

We get a lot of questions about Arrive and Drive or Kart Rental.  While PKRA is primaily geared for those who own their own karts (please see the About Page for more info), one of the members does have a separate kart rental business.  For more information about kart rental, please see their web site


For an overview of PKRA, visit How to Start.



Our Location


PKRA Track Rental

$100 per hour, two hour minimum
includes up to 4 drivers;  Attitional driver $35 flat rate
$75 flat rate charge for lights

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Board of Directors

Executive Board
President  Paul Hendricks
Vice President  Bernie Lacotta
Treasurer Tom Rodie
Secretary Bill Scheets


Paul Hendricks   (Exp 8/2020)
Bernie Lacotta   (Exp 8/2020)
Tom Rodie   (Exp 8/2020)
Cindy Lacotta  (Exp 8/2020)
Bill Scheets   (Exp 8/2019)
Casey Rogalski   (Exp 8/2019)
Richie Underwood   (Exp 8/2019)


General Inquiry

(Please review About / How To Start first)  

Leslie McManis
Issues with Online Purchasing Bill Scheets
Kart Numbers Bill Scheets
Marketing Director Leslie McManis
Membership Bill Scheets
Motocross Craig Skelton/
Alex Akers
Pit Spaces Bill Scheets
Points Bill Scheets
Public Relations  
Safety Director Bernie Lacotta
Scheduling Bernie Lacotta
Tech Director Bernie Lacotta
Track Maintenance Bernie Lacotta
Track Rental Bernie Lacotta
(623) 225-9407
Training Director Rich Bowen
(602) 909-9511
Trophies and Prizes Melissa Ruth
Volunteering Bernie Lacotta
Website Bill Scheets / Jacob Bowen
County Liason for Contract Negotiation Paul Hendricks