Meeting Minutes - Club - 2016.05.16

Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 2016.05.16 
 Meeting Venue: Chapel
Thundirbird School
1 Global Place 
Glendale, AZ 85306

Board Members Present
Jim Wooldridge
Jaynette Denham
Mark Traylor
Brian Odello

Bryan Quattrocchi

Board Members Absent

  • Call to Order
    • Jim Wooldridge called the Meeting to order at 7:04 PM.
  • Roll Call
  • Approval of previous minutes
  • President’s Report by Jim Wooldridge
  • Treasurer's Report by Jaynette Denham
    • Club account balances are a little above the $40,000 amount that was projected at the last meeting
    • Jaynette will be sending a financial update via email to the Board by the end of the week
  • Secretary's Report Mark Traylor
    • Figured out the issue with Race 10 & 9's missing data and got yhe points posted early Monday morining
    • There was an issue with the LO206 Senior results which dropped a third race - is a non issue since he secured the championship with that drop
  • Other reports
    • Tech Report by Bernie Locatta
      • Requested that the World Formula class run the Vintage configuration during all race events for the current season
      • There was a number of objections by the members present and the Board will address the issue during there meeting
  • New Business
    • Season Start time
      • Discussed if we should start the on track events at 3;00 or 4;00 PM
      • Numerous ideas to shave time to start at four where presented
        • Trophies at Tech - Rich Cordova has some great ideas and he needs assistance moving the process forward
        • Floating corner worker to give breaks and shorten the dinner break
      • Rich Bowen would still prefer to start at 3:00 so we can get as much track time in as possible
      • Board will review and make a final decision
    • DeLong is going to sponsor the Trophies for the Junior 1 LO206 class for the summer series through 5th place
    • Cliff Kujala is sponsoring 10 cases of water for the drivers at the scales for the Summer Series
    • Discussion about the driver that didn't make weight at the scales and wanted the water bottle he was holding back to make weight, board agreed with the Race directors decision
      • Board will look at clarifying the IKF rule on this matter
    • The Election for New Directors is in Augost and we are accepting Nominations for the Board the following people were Nominated
      • Paul Hendricks - approved - tentative
      • Stewart Willis - approved - accepted
      • Scott Cebulski - approved - accepted
      • Brian Odello - approved - accepted
      • Bryan Quattrocci - approved - accepted
      • Josh Sarchett - approved - tentative
      • Matt England - nominated
    • The club will be accepting nominations threw the July Club Meeting date
    • The only current Board Members term that isn't expiring is Jaynette Denhams
  • End of Meeting
    • Jim Wooldridge adjourned the meeting at 8:40 PM

Meeting Minutes - Club - 2016.04.18

Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 2016.04.18 
 Meeting Venue: Chapel
Thundirbird School
1 Global Place 
Glendale, AZ 85306

Board Members Present
Jim Wooldridge
Jaynette Denham
Brian Odello
Bryan Quattrocchi

Board Members Absent
Mark Traylor

  • Call to Order
    • Jim Wooldridg called the Meeting to order at 7:05 PM.
  • Roll Call
  • President’s Report by Jim Wooldridge
    • Complimented Brian Odello on his extrordinary efforts in preparing the facility for the upcoming SKUSA event and how nice the facility looks
  • Treasurer's Report by Jaynette Denham
    • Cash in the bank $27,400.49
    • $11,000 in race rental fees being paid in the next two weeks
  • Other reports of the board
    • Facility Report by Brian Odello
      • Getting in Contact with Victory Lane to secure RV Parking for the SKUSA event
    • Tech Report by Bernie Lacotta
      • Wants to change the name of Cadet 206 to 206 Jr 1 to match IKF standards for the upcoming race season
      • Use TaG USA or other weight classification for the next season
      • Both items were approved
  • New Business
    • Paul Hendricks brought up the idea to create a Competition Committee to manage thiose items and the board accepted the idea and appointed Bernie Locotta to head the committee and recruite 4 additional members
      • Looking for a solution to Kid Kart race entry vs Tuesday Night Practice nights (considering the disbandonment of Tuesday night training)
    • Discussed issues with limited parking for the SKUSA event and JJ is going to contact Tom Kutcher and see if he wants to get a profit sharing service out to shuttle participants from the Victory Lane to PKRA
  • End of Meeting
    • Jim Wooldridge adjourned the meeting at 8:03 PM

Meeting Minutes - Club - 2015.04.20

CLUB Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 2015.04.20 
 Meeting Venue: Chapel
Thundirbird School
1 Global Place 
Glendale, AZ 85306

Board Members Present
Jim Wooldridge
Jaynette Denham
Bernie Lacotta
Mark Traylor
Brian Odello

Board Members Absent
Bryan Quatrocci
Eric Vanderford

  • Call to Order
    • Jim called the Meeting to order at 7:07 PM.
  • Roll Call
  • Meeting minutes reported by mark - voted and approved
  • President’s Report by Jim
    • Jim thanks people for all the difficult work done in the last week
    • Will have a permanent park host
    • Weeds issue need to cleaned out
    • Sub contract the weed control issue
    • Food truck 1 breakfast, 2 lunch Friday Saturday and Sunday
    • Also Friday and Saturday for the club race
    • Ad extra practice for Saturday club race  open at 12 noon
    • Jim and mark work on schedule
    • Host site had no power in January.  Permit pulled to upgrade the panel, and electric to host site
  • Vice President’s Report by Bernie
    • Bernie- elegible to purchase 206 tech kit through briggs half price 
    • Ted would like to have another class or two between WF and 206 cadet
  • Treasurer's Report by JJ
    • Treasury 11362 as of March 30
    • Bank account balance 55,191.81
    • Outstanding check for asphalt of 12,000
    • Approx.. 40 members not paid.   Mostly issue with the monthly
    • Jj mentions that it may be easier to do a prorated membership expiring on 12/31
    • Curtis responds that it caused extra work and caused cash flow issues 
    • No monthly memberships 
    • Member brings up member card
    • JJ says that the club is making money but we will run low this year based on 60-80k in improvements
  • Other reports of the board
    • Facilities by Brian Odello
      • SKUSA crew coming out for inspection
      • Painting tires, curbs
      • Added dirt to outside of Daytona
      • Track looks good
      • PA is good and still has 3 more speakers to add
      • Can reuse some of old speakers  if needed 
      • Still working on sound level
      • ECD 4/23/2015
  • End of Meeting
    • Jim adjourned the meeting at 8:07 PM

Meeting Minutes - Board - 2015.3.16

Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 2015.03.16 
 Meeting Venue: Chapel
Thundirbird School
1 Global Place 
Glendale, AZ 85306

Board Members Present
Jim Wooldridge
Bernie Lacotta
Jaynette Denham
Mark Traylor
Brian Odello

Board Members Absent
Eric Vanderford
Bryan Quatrocci

  • Call to Order
    • Jim called the Meeting to order at 8:35 PM.
  • Jim signs contract for fall Super Showdown
  • Bernie proposes criterion group renting track for events on Mondays or Sundays

  • Board agrees to limit member input
  • End of Meeting
    • Jim adjourned the meeting at 8:50 PM

Meeting Minutes - Club - 2015.3.16

CLUB Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 2015.03.16 
  Meeting Venue: Chapel
Thundirbird School
1 Global Place 
Glendale, AZ 85306

Board Members Present
Jim Wooldridge
Jaynette Denham
Mark Traylor
Bernie Lacotta
Brian Odello

Board Members Absent
Eric Vanderford
Bryan Quatrocci

  • Call to Order
    • Jim Calls to order at 7:15 pm.
  • Roll Call
  • Approval of previous minutes
  • President’s Report by Jim Wooldridge
    • Topic of planning for SKUSA race
  • Vice President’s Report by Bernie Lacotta
    • Bernie brings up LO206 adult class.  
    • Trying to start class in May, Vintage track only, no special vintage track practice e allowed. 
    • Part of Briggs Grass roots series. 
    • Non points class.
    • Anti cherry picking required
  • Treasurer's Report by Jaynette Denhame
    • Reported that COA made roughly $13,000 gross
    • JJ requests for help on following items
      • Dumpster – Brian Odello
      • Toilets – Brian Odello
      • PA improvements – Rich
        • Talking with companies estimates $2700 - $6000
        • JJ states the improvement is required by SKUSA contract
        • Options to purchase or rent system meeting requirements
  • Secretary's Report Mark Traylor
    • Mark T to give Bondo tire contact to Brian O.
  • Other reports of the board
    • Brian Odello
      • Coordinating watering of pits
      • Need more tires
      • Need to paint tires and curbing
  • SKUSA practice fee voted on for $80
    • Same $80 price for members during the extended hours times (week prior to club event)
    • Normal hours practice no increase to members
  • End of Meeting
    • Jim adjourned the meeting at 8:30 PM

Meeting Minutes - Board - 2015.12.09

Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 2015.12.09 
Meeting Venue: Chapel
Thundirbird School
1 Global Place 
Glendale, AZ 85306

Board Members Present
Jim Wooldridge, Jr
Bernie Lacotta
JJ Denham
Eric Vanderford
Brian Quattrocchi
Brian Odello

Board Members Absent
Mark Traylor

  • Call to Order
    • Jim Wooldridge called the Meeting to order at 7:04 PM.

o   Club Member Jennifer LaRoque volunteered to take notes for meeting.

I.               Opening statements – Jim Wooldridge

a.     Emergency meeting to go over the IAME agreement, SKUSA, and Tire Agreement.

II.             No prior minutes to approve

III.           JJ –Have a fiduciary duty and a duty of care to members. Decisions must be made in the best interest of the club and not for personal agendas financially based.   Negotiated the Rotax and prior SKUSA contracts with success. Was looking to obtain more money in the future for the club. Accomplished that this year and more with SKUSA. Board was aware and approved JJ to negotiate Rotax and SKUSA contract in previous years and this year. Spent many hours working on the deal. Discussed several times at the meetings. No complaints in previous years about any big races and negotiations until the tire contract. With that said…..

a.     SKUSA Springnats – rental agreement is the same as it was for last year except the club is receiving more money.  Brings in money to club, cheaper for our own racers to participate because saves on hotels and air travel. Gives the club exposure and promotes the sport. Big races are fun for those participating.    

b.     EVINCO Tires.

                                               i.     Giving PKRA 20 sets of free tires to give away to club members at each club race throughout the year.

                                              ii.     Contract good for one year.

                                            iii.     Wear out period for MG replacement. Exhaust inventory.

                                            iv.     Rotax can still run MOJOS or designated tire for that particular class. All other classes using MG tires will be required to use EVINCO Tires. There will be a wear out period for the MGs.

                                              v.     All kart shops will now be able to sell the tires and acquire the tires at equal cost from the manufacturer.  In the past one kart shop had a contract with the MG Company where PKRA also had an exclusive contract only to use those tires. This kart shop was the only business allowed to sell tires to racers and other kart shops. This was a conflict of interest. Now all kart shops are on equal grounds.   

                                            vi.     Last tire contract experienced very late payments to PKRA and ended up without a tire contract last year so the club did not receive any free tires.  It was not fun trying to get the company to pay its bill.

                                           vii.      Although not in contract, EVINCO is also willing to give away tires for Championship classes.

c.      X-30 Motor program

                                               i.     Junior drivers get 10 free motors to race at the club for one year and must race a minimum of ten races.

                                              ii.     At the end of the season, the user must buy the motor or return it.

                                            iii.     Any kart shop or motor builder can work on the engine. It is not a sealed motor. This will provide more business for our local kart shops. Many people may buy motors through local kart shops.

                                            iv.     In addition, also will receive 10 mini-swift motors at a discount price for those drivers/kids wishing to race this class. The savings is nearly $400.00 on the engine.  Club buys but sells to the cadet drivers. 

d.      JJ’s Job Duties(I want to know what everyone else does because I spend 30 to 40 hours a week for the track for free and it is a lot for me. My responsibilities at the Track include…….

                                               i.     It is a lot of work for her to assist with running the track and is doing the best she can with her other life responsibilities. Looking out for the best interest of the club. JJ’s job duties include the following:

1.     Does all the accounting for the club.

2.     Previous years paid somebody one thousand dollars ($1000.00) a month to do this task. JJ does it for free.

3.     Accounting weekly is a minimum of 15 hours a week.

4.     Gathers all the tax information for CPA

5.     Provides quarterly reports

6.     Does all the insurance paperwork due 2 days after a race

7.     Sends the paperwork for insurance to IKF, making sure all the paperwork is correct

8.     In addition does all the paperwork for the monthly insurance and at the end of the month is required to send to NKA, very time consuming.

9.      Deposits all the money and tracks it

10. Is at every race unless out of town regardless if her daughter is racing to help

11.Arranges the change for the registration

12. Writes all the checks for the workers for race day

13. Works at registration for free – does not write self a check

14. Arrange for somebody to do registration

15. Tracks and controls all track rentals

16.Answers questions about the track

17.Responds to complaints

18.Did the contracts and negotiations alone for Large National Races to include (Rotax Challenge of the Americas, SKUSA Springnats) arranging for portable toilets, trash, track workers, things needing to be fixed, permitting and licensing, food vendors etc.

19.Take phone calls daily

20.Goes through a yearly AUDIT for insurance. This is a lot of work.

21.Arranged for new asphalt for the grid area. Was able to get the job at a discount price for the club, thanks to Rex Calderwood and his company!

22.Tracks memberships and ensures payment

23.I also get stuck making sure everyone is current on memberships. It is not fun trying to get people to pay their bills. If everyone decided not to pay for practices or continue to pay on time for memberships, PKRA wouldn’t be here. I get stuck being the bad guy collecting all the time.

IV.            Jim

a.     I was once the treasurer and it is a lot of work. As the President this is not a very easy job to do, especially when it is voluntary.  JJ has done a fantastic job with what she has done for this club. Numbers are good for the club, and she has done a great job to push things for the junior drivers. Tire deal is great and gives all the kart shops an opportunity to sell tires under the same deal.  It was lopsided with the last exclusive contract for tires and it is now fair because we are finally getting away from that.

b.     Our responsibility is to the club. I am big on promoting the facility and I think it is important to bring in revenue when we have the opportunity. JJ has done a great job of not only improving the grounds but also creating revenue by negotiation two big national races that will be televised. Great exposure and opportunity for this club.

c.      The top 3 events for go karting include SKUSA races and Rotax along with 4Stroke shootout. We have a great facility for it and hopefully the big events will grow karting at PKRA. SKUSA is televised on CBS Sports and our track and the races can be viewed on TV.   The sport will have a large exposure to a large television audience at our own track. 

d.     The goal is and should always be to grow the club with more competition, and also just for the enjoyment of racing. The bigger the grids the more competition and the more fun it is to race.


                                               i.     Lead meetings

                                              ii.     Agenda for meetings

                                            iii.     Arrange location for meetings

                                            iv.     Responsible for the website

                                              v.     Oversee the management of the club

                                            vi.     Take phone calls

                                           vii.     Give direction on business decisions

                                         viii.     Writes Newsletters

                                            ix.     Responds to complaints

                                              x.     Attends races

                                            xi.     Assists with the race monitor


V.              Bernie

a.     We are here tonight, in August, who is your guy.

b.     Easily gotten back about MG contract.

c.      Spoke with Daryl. Talk to people about MG tires.

d.     Working on it since August. 

e.     Didn’t hear about what JJ was working on and he didn’t know what I was working on. Embarrassed in a bad situation. I felt like a lump on the log.

f.      Bernie provided his contract to board that night. The contract was with the company that had an exclusive contract with Daryl from AZ Kart Werx. In addition, PKRA had an exclusive contract with the same business to use only from this particular dealer.   The deal gave tires to championship classes and more tires to give out throughout the year.

VI.            JJBernie, there was several breaches with that company and we have a huge conflict of interest.  Today you were in Daryl’s shop when I walked in to pay a bill and it appeared you were trying to negotiate a contract for Daryl with the old tire company. Not good because Daryl would personally benefit from the deal because he would be the only guy who could buy the tires for cheap from MG and the rest of the shop owners who are actually members of the club would have to buy from Daryl at whatever price Daryl decides to charge.  And…..PKRA would only allow those tires to be used…..with a company that is difficult to get to pay its bills.  How is that in the best interest of the club and members?  Daryl is the only kart shop who benefits from the sale of the tires and he is the only kart shop owner who is not even a member of this club. When I talked to you about the tire deal the other day you were fine with it and didn’t mention anything about a contract you negotiated. 

VII.          Eric

a.     Feels he mistrusts JJ because he did not know about the SKUSA deal, tires and engine details while JJ was negotiating.  Upset she got the deal don and signed without letting the board know in the process. He believes it will be perceived that JJ is mistrustful.  

b.     Nobody new what the deal was before the club new about it.

c.      Felt lied to and don’t you Bernie

d.     Trust issue is lost.

e.     ERIC JOB DUTIES(asked by JJ)

                                               i.     None.

                                              ii.     He said he does not have any because he has not been assigned anything.

                                            iii.     He said he is supposed to post the minutes for Mark Trailor but has not received the minutes from him. He is also supposed to do the points for the club.

VIII.        Bernie

a.     No, No, No, I never said JJ is a liar.

b.     The motor deal…..I don’t care.

c.      Don’t care about contracts not the way to run a business.

d.     I need a few questions answered. Set price is same amount? (meaning are tires same price as before) JJ – yes. Do we get a grace period for MG tires? JJ –yes, think that would be good. Eric – we need maybe until the end of the year. Bernie – maybe the end of the year. JJ –EVINCO should arrive next week. We should let the inventory run out and it shouldn’t take long.


                                               i.     Takes care of complaints.

                                              ii.     Answers texts for club business.

                                            iii.     Helps out at track.

IX.            JJ – get with dealers and let the inventory go out, shouldn’t be many tires in the shops. I was just in Daryl’s and he didn’t have many. The other kart shops should have little if any.

X.              Brian Q-

a.     Didn’t have a problem with JJ negotiating the Rotax and other SKUSA deals in past. This year is different because of the tire deal. Asked why he didn’t like the tire deal, response: because there isn’t tires for the Championship classes.  JJ Tom said he would give us tires for the Banquet.


                                               i.     Orders trophies for banquet and club racing.

XI.            Brian O

a.      Clarified how much more money making over last year in SKUSA.

b.     Does not believe he has a conflict of interest because he works for Daryl.

c.     JOB DUTIES-Brian O.

                                               i.     Works 8 hours a week with Rob at track with maintenance.

XII.          Bernie – rule 7.12 was violated by JJ. Did not have a vote or get in writing ok to approve contracts. JJ – you authorized it with everyone else in previous board meetings. You never had an issue in the past with any of the contracts I negotiated… it was implied you were not only ok with it but we also discussed me as the point person for the big races.  Giving the drivers free motors and free tires doesn’t even have to be in a contract….we are not giving anything back in return. It’s free. Why would we use the same tire company when there is a clear conflict of interest, and was a huge problem getting the company to pay PKRA? It was clearly implied when we discussed it in past meetings, that you approved of me negotiating these deals and nobody had any issue in the past when I was able to get these deals for the club until now. Now you mention the bylaws. You all gave me your authority and if somebody would have done the minutes, it would have been in writing. So, I didn’t violate anything. I’m confused. Is this about Daryl? Brian, you work for Daryl, and Bernie, you are negotiating a tire contract for Daryl? Everyone here knows I am the one that gets stuck doing all the work and all the deals. I even spoke with each and every one of you about the deal and called each of you. Nobody mentioned any issues with the deal or a problem with the work I did for us.

XIII.        Bernie: Rich Bowan is complaining about the bylaw violation.  JJ-Rich Bowen is not a member of this club. His membership expired. Bernie- he also wants a free membership.  JJ – no way!

XIV.        Jim – In the future we can better communicate about the vote and be more explicit next time about authority. The contracts are great for PKRA, we get more money this year, free motors for juniors, discounted motors for cadets, and free tires.

a.     Bylaws – need to discuss the bylaws in the future and make sure everyone is comfortable with what we are authorizing in accordance to the bylaws.

b.     Next time will discuss the negotiations at the meetings.

Brian O – the deals are done and so everything is fine.  

XV.          Bernie

a.     How is this growing the junior club?

XVI.        JJ -trying to build a larger junior presence and with the motors PKRA will need a class of 10 junior drivers.  The kids like to race on big grids and they like the speed.   Faster motors are just more fun to race when you’re a teenager.  These are young kids who are not crazy about the 4 stroke and wanted another option so I found something.  If you have a field that’s bigger it is more fun and is more enticing for the more juniors to race. Those that want to race both can still do so….race the x30 and the 4 stroke. Cadet drivers need a place to go other than the 4 stroke or we may see some stop racing altogether. Everyone complained when my daughter tried to race with the big 4 stroke group. It isn’t fun to race with 4 drivers and she didn’t like the slow speeds. The kids like the competition and the large grids.  This will create a place for people to go so they don’t leave the sport because it isn’t fun for the kids.

XVII.      Eric

a.     Is theX30   a sealed motor? JJ-no all the kart shops can work on it. Any kart shop can sell the motors.

XVIII.    Jim

a.     There is now value in equipment. This motor is raced on a national level and can sell these motors to a larger audience.

XIX.        Bernie

a.     is tag going to stay in tact?

XX.          Jim – yes, of course it will stay in tact? We have a large L206 class for cadets who can either advance into the WF or the X-30.  

XXI.        Bernie

a.     only have white rears. Switching to that.

XXII.      Eric

a.     blue which is a six-inch tire.

XXIII.    Jim

a.     six inch and 7.1 for tag.

XXIV.     Eric

a.     need a date to use up tires.

XXV.       JJ

a.     just give them a chance to sell the inventory. The new tires will be here in about a week for the kart shops to sell.

b.     moving forward will do things differently. Apologize. Won’t happen again.  I’m overwhelmed with the amount of work I do for this club….on my own time.

XXVI.     Jim

a.     I just want to help the club.

b.     Will get this communicated better next time.  JJ does a phenomenal job and a lot of work while still working a full time job too.  

c.      Jim said if they want to vote him out and get rid of him as the President he will step down. I will step down as President right now. Please let me know now if this is what you would like. (Nobody wanted his job and nobody wanted him to step down)

XXVII.   Bernie

a.       Everything is fine, what’s done is done.


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