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Meeting Minutes-BOD-2016-11-21

Board Meeting Minutes – Nov 21, 2016

Meeting Venue:    Chapel, Thunderbird School, 1 Global Place 
Glendale, AZ 85306

Board Members

  • Paul Hendricks - Absent
  • Brian Odello – Present
  • Bryan Quattrocchi - Present
  • Ryan Christensen - Absent
  • Bill Scheets - Present
  • Scott Cebulski - Present
  • Bernie Lacotta - Present


Approve Minutes

  • Prior Meeting Minutes (Nov 7, 2016).  Approved.                                                                                  

Awards Banquet

  • Confirm K1 Speed location and the date.  Still in progress.
  • We still need a volunteer to chair (get sponsors / prizes, food) and a good committee to handle details

Second Winter Race – Dec 4

  • Pre-Registration planned to be turned on Wed Nov 23, and will close Sat Dec 3 at noon.  [now turned on]
  • We need to better schedule the practice to get lunch at noon.  We normally want 7 minutes of practice;  next group in 10 minutes.
  • Race Director and Starter/Flagman need to be IKF members for any IKF insured race (per IKF rulebook).  If the race director had to clarify something with IKF, they’d ask for their membership number.  In the past, PKRA had bought memberships for those race personnel that needed it.
  • Bernie had some concerns about some of the personnel.  Rich plans to rotate Race Director, Assistant, Flagman, Scorer, and Grid boss and to do any of those 5 jobs.  We will defer the decision on whether to pay for IKF Membership ($60 per year) and for how many people (probably 5), but the board was generally supportive.
  • Rich Bowen was unsure if he was responsible for sending in the IKF (race) paperwork.  Confirmed:  He will do this and give the receipts to Brian O.

Website Update / Motorsports Reg

  • Confirmed:  Motorsports Reg can do the memberships the way we do it (staggered vs. all beginning Jan 1).  Currently, the membership date must be initially manually changed so that they are not all Jan 1, but an expected update will improve this.
  • Can tie in memberships to know who is a member and at what level.  Subsequent operations (e.g. race entry) will use that status automatically.
  • Their charges are 5% + $0.30 for any payments through their system (2.5% +$0.30 is for the processing fee).  Based on current membership, this will likely be about $1500 per year (only about ½ of this is new cost).
  • There is additional cost to fully customize the web site to have a specific PKRA look, but this is not required.
  • Motorsports Reg has the live scoring and works with Orbits and Mylaps.
  • It can manage pit spots as well.  Jacob thinks it can manage the annual purchase in addition to per/race reservations.
  • It does have the capability to do refunds.
  • It has a lot of flexible financial reports, and there is a high likelihood it will be easier to reconcile the financials.
  • Jacob thinks he could have it up and running by Christmas, and is moving forward.  He will need to know who needs access.
  • Some parts could be tested in parallel.



  • Financial Status –  Checking balance as of 11-19-16 $10,820.38, Savings $1,057.07. 
  • We still need someone to do the day to day financial work.  Rich Bowen may be willing to help, especially if someone else if someone else would be willing to get/coordinate race workers.


  • New Cards distribution status – Curtis has a big stack to send out.
  • The Membership Committee needs to review the membership records and determine the best way to contact members and verify status and renewal options.  Bryan plans to send out emails to anyone who has an expired membership.
  • Curtis maintains and email list through Constant Contact.  He has about 700 contacts.  There are free ways of doing this.
  • Bryan has the database of members.
  • Action Plan needed for growth. 


  • Junior 2 World Formula and Junior 2 LO 206. 
      • The Jr 2 WF and Medium are still two distinct classes;  they just run together.
      • Should Jr 2 WF weight be changed to 365lbs on the website?  No – leave it at 325 , and make it a gentleman’s agreement to run at 365.
      • Jr 2 LO 206 would like to go to 290# (from 310) to improve performance.  5 drivers from last race agree.  Pre-Tech would mark it as 290.  The least amount of extra weight now is 25 lbs.  If larger kids show up, they’d agree to go back to 310.  We’ll leave the class posted at 310, and again, make it a gentleman’s agreement to run at 290.
      • What are the class specs for the Jr 1, Rookie Class?  235lbs, but green slide.
      • Note:  Winter season changed two of the 3 Vintage configurations and added a rain date (Apr 9, 2017)
  • Any changes to Kid Kart championship (competitive)?  (Not discussed)
  • How to champion participation in each class (Not discussed)


  • Not discussed - Deferred
  • Rotax Challenge Of The Americas (COTA) – Paul negotiating with Andy.  Contract pending. 
  • GoodGuys Booth summary
  • New opportunity:  Monster Energy Supercross & Monster Jam.
  • New opportunity?  Cars & Coffee – trade track time for booth?
  • IKF Grand Nationals for 4 cycle.
    • IKF has PKRA and one other under consideration.
  • Nascar night Phoenix Suns – Ryan / Chris will take the lead.
  • SKUSA- Curtis is in discussion with Tom.
  • Showdown discussion on future collaboration with PKRA and others to grow the event  
  • Overall Action Plan and Status


  • Transponders – many missing.  Send out communication to get them back.  Will need to get some more at some point, particularly for major events.  Research past rentals and determine the parties that have the units.  Have started requiring “plastic”, and no one left their’s. 
  • Mobile-Mini – finally gone!
  • Hanging wire – Brian plans to put underground if he can get a trencher.
  • Consider a grant for LED lights.  Scott will look into this.
  • The rest not discussed - deferred
  • Rex Calderwood may have a unit for PKRA.  This is pending closing out the existing unit.
  • Need clean up on tires and gas cans – need communication on policy. 
  • Work on Bondurant container – A/C ducts and insulation / waterproofing.  Possible donation from Kevin Boland’s company to perform this work.  We will need a committee to get this done.
  • Develop list of projects


  • Meeting with AKA on joint lease renewal needs to be scheduled.  Paul will schedule.  It was noted that they will be having substantial changes to their board.  (Not discussed)

MISC FOLLOW-UP (Not discussed)

  • Paid Track Workers and need to all fill out W9’s. Accounting firm proposed to perform the year end work.
  • Bernie and Brian need to provide letters to opt into WC.
  • Paul following-up with APS check into any grants / programs for LED lighting.
  • Bryan Q / Rich – Sign on Trailer.
  • X30 loaner deal status.  JJ working on this and resolving any open items.  Documentation needed on the payment for 10 races. 
  • Paul to look into Drone and/or RC racing- Awaiting their proposal.
  • Paul taking the lead on park lease renewal in general
  • Track / Facility Projects
    • Fire Extinguisher Inspect/Recharge needed- Who will take the lead?
    • Some speakers not working.  Apparently need another Amp and readjust placement of speakers. Who will take the lead?
    • Mailbox- UPS store mailbox is checked by Paul and Elaine.  Others can be added to the access.  #179
    • A few sockets blown in the tower. Who will take the lead?
    • Still have wires that need to be terminated near the restrooms. Who will take the lead?
    • Brian getting some trees.