Meeting Minutes - Club - 2014.02.17

Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 2014.02.17 
Meeting Venue:
California Pizza Kitchen
Desert Ridge
21001 N Tatum Blvd #40
Phoenix, AZ 85050

Board Members Present
Jim Wooldridge, Jr.
Cliff Kujala
Bernie LaCotta
Bryan Quattrocchi
Pete Rodriquez
Eric Vanderford

Board Members Absent
Rob Ambrose
Aaron LaRoque
JJ Denham

  • Call to Order
    • Jim Wooldridge, Jr. called the Meeting to order at 07:03 PM.
  • Roll Call
  • Previous meeting minutes not available for approval
  • President’s Report by Jim Wooldridge, Jr.
    • Spoke about bringing back the “Random Pill Draw” for starting positions in Kid Kart.
    • Reported about the on track incident in MicroMax from the 02/17/14 event.
    • Discussed his intention to take on a more definitive role on PKRA race days as lead manager for the events.
  • Treasurer’s Report not available.
  • Vice President Report by Cliff Kujala
    • Reported on the start of discussions with Honda Performance Development regarding a potential collaboration with Honda to assist the membership convert from Comer C51 to the new Honda GX50 Kid Kart engines. More details to follow.
  • Secretary Report by not available.
  • Other reports of the board
    • Facilities Report by Pete Rodriquez
      • Discussed improvements to the PA system
      • Pete will contact AKA Speedway to confirm the use of their water truck during next weeks Rotax CoA event.
    • Tech Report by Bernie LaCotta
      • Discussed the enforcement of spectator boundaries during race events. Race directors to be notified that the “A” Grid personnel is responsible to enforce the limits, and spectators should not cross the defined limits.
      • Discussed a potential switch to “self-tech” pre-teching system as is used in other club and regional karting events. IKF supports this system, and further research will be done prior to a vote being held to change over to this system.
      • Lack of implementation of the random tech procedure discussed. Curtis Ruth commented that even in World Formula, the largest class of the day, the acting tech inspector only inspected fuel.
    • Trophy Report – Bryan Quattrocchi
      • Requested he be provided with the entry lists at the end of each event. He will visit the tower to collect the sheets at the end of PKRA events.
      • Requested he receive the official results faster, so the creation of trophies is not such a time crunch.
  • Previous Business – None to Discuss
  • Open to the Floor
    • Eric Vanderford asked about the switch to pre-tech taking place in the tech area instead of at the scales during the 02/16/14 event. This was a change implemented by acting tech inspector, and will be evaluated for efficiency moving forward.
    • Brian and Erica Odello discussed their disappointment in the starting procedure from the 02/16/14 event.
      • Cliff Kujala motioned to move the starts for club races back to their original location, on the front straight directly in front of the tower. Wooldridge seconded the nomination. Approved by unanimous vote of the board.
  • End of Meeting
    • Jim Wooldridge, Jr. adjourned the meeting at 07:53 PM



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