Meeting Minutes - Club - 2014.05.19

Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 2014.05.19 
Meeting Venue:
California Pizza Kitchen
Desert Ridge
21001 N Tatum Blvd #40
Phoenix, AZ 85050

Board Members Present
Jim Wooldridge, Jr.
Cliff Kujala
Pete Rodriquez

Board Members Absent
Rob Ambrose
JJ Denham
Aaron LaRoque
Bryan Quattrocci
Eric Vanderford

  • Call to Order
    • Jim Wooldridge, Jr. called the Meeting to order at 07:08 PM.
  • Roll Call
    • Quorum of Board not attained.  Voting on issues discussed not possible.
  • Approval of previous minutes postponed until quorum reached.
  • President’s Report by Jim Wooldridge, Jr.
    • Thanks was made to Sean Kisselbach and Brian Odello for their contribution to registration at the May 10 race.
  • Vice President’s Report by Cliff Kujala
    • New website for was successfully launched May 11th, 2014
      • Online memberships and race entry are functional, as well as general info, race results, rules, bylaws, contacts, and calendar.
      • Some features still being developed are classified ads, championship points, meeting minutes, and some others.
      • Kujala requested that the membership try to use the new site as much as possible in the upcoming weeks, and submit any feedback or change requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
      • Rich Bowen discussed the new class structure shown on the new website.  He requested that the board consider reversing a previously voted policy to enforce the decided class stucture, and dissallow non-conforming karts to compete.  It was discussed that a form be added to the website, where potential racers could submit a request to race a non-conforming kart (IE: Kid Kart Comer in the Kid Kart Honda category).  This is possible, and will be added to the website.
        • Further discussion regarding Kid Kart Honda.  Bowen addressed his concerns that potential new racers aren't coming out to race Kid Kart because they have Comer Kid Karts.  Kujala reminded Bowen that HPD is willing to work with the club to help transision racers from Comer to Honda, but a volunteer was needed to head the project for PKRA.  Bowen volunteered, and will contact HPD to discuss.
      • Bowen inquired about the possibility in the new system for people to join without using a credit card online, and the potential for people to just join for a month or two at a time during the months that they drive, then let the membership go unpaid during the time they are not driving.
        • Kujala stated the non-credit card option is not ready yet, but will be offered soon.  The non-credit card memberships will be limited to non-recurring annual memberships.
        • Recurring memberships can be suspended or canceled by the user.  Failed payments will automatically cancel a recurring subscription, and any failed transactions will be back charged to the customer once the payment method is corrected.
  • Treasurer's Report by Jim Wooldridge, Jr.
    • Jim read report for absent treasurer.  Reported about approx. 18,000 profits Y.T.D. 
  • Secretary Report not available 
  • Other reports of the board
    • Maintenance Report by Pete Rodriquez
      • Pete will revisit the idea of creating shade structures for the corner workers.
  • Previous Business
    • None
  • New Business
    • Alex Akers inquired about how to get PKRA listed on the Marque Sign near Wet and Wild on Pinnacle Peak.
      • Jim Wooldridge to contact Maricopa County to inquire about who manages the sign.
    • Alex Akers stated that a new flyer, as well as business card holder is needed so that he can direct new people to the local kart shops.  He would also like to know if PKRA can place flyers on the parked cars in the Wet and Wild parking lot.
      • Jim Wooldridge to contact Wet and Wild to ask for permission.  It was discussed that that form of advertising should be held off until late August, so that the new people we might draw are not overwhelmed with the idea of karting in the Summer heat, as well as underwhelmed by the light participation at PKRA during the Summer months.
    • Rich Bowen requested volunteers or workers contact him, as we are still in need of a gate keeper at the club races.  Someone to manage the paddock entry, and check for wristbands, etc.
    • A discussion was held regarding the track configuration for upcoming races.  Bowen was reminded of a previous Board vote that empowered the Board to make those decisions, not the race director.  The layouts for the remaining Summer seasons were discussed, and finalized.
      • The layout formerly known as Kid Kart will now be called Vintage moving forward, as this represents the original PKRA track design.
      • Cliff Kujala updated and corrected the website listing as the decisions were reached for upcoming races.
    • Summer practice schedule discussed.  Wednesday and Thursday nights are forecasted for reduced participation during June thru August.
      • Summer General Practice Hours June 1 thru August 31
        • Monday : Closed
        • Tuesday (beginner night) : 5-9:45pm
        • Wednesday : Closed
        • Thursday : Closed
        • Friday : 6-9:45pm
        • Saturday : 7:30am-1:00pm and 6-9:45pm
          • Closed for non-race practice on club race dates
        • Sunday : 7:30am-1:00pm
      • Track rental available still available during closed Summer Hours. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inquire about renting the track.
  • End of Meeting
    • Jim Wooldridge, Jr. adjourned the meeting at 08:30 PM

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