PKRA Club Rules

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700 Management of Personnel

700.1 Staffing PKRA Events 

The following positions are required for the conduct of an orderly racing event. The first group is defined by IKF but modified by the PKRA board. 

The second group is required to run an efficient race schedule at PKRA. 

700.1.1 PKRA Staff Group I 

  • Race Director 
  • Assistant Race Director (ARD) 
  • Flagman/Starter 
  • Head Technical Inspector 
  • Chief Scorer 
  • Grid Boss 
  • Corner Marshals 

700.1.2 PKRA Staff Group II 

  • Registration 
  • EMT Crew 
  • Assistant Scorer 
  • Driver Trainer/Evaluator 
  • Track Cleanup Crew 
  • Gate Guard 
  • Track Set up Coordinator 
  • Golf Kart Drivers 
  • Weight Master 
  • Pit Steward 
  • Announcer 

NOTE: All positions may be filled by volunteers or paid at a rate as determined by the board. All positions receive a non-participant pit pass. The Board sets duties for all other positions. Positions that are filled by non-paid volunteers on race day earn work credit. 

See RACE PROCEDURES section for definition of duties of the above named positions. 

700.2 Establishment of Committees 

Four standing committees will be established, as needed, to conduct the business of PKRA. 

700.3 Community Relations Committee 

The Community Relations Committee is charged with all public relations activities including but not limited to advertising, putting on shows or demonstrations, or soliciting funds. The Community Relations Committee is also responsible for publishing the newsletter. The Chair is a Director appointed by the Board. 

Membership is appointed by the Chair. The Secretary will be a member of this committee. 

700.4 Protest Committee 

A Protest Committee is designated to receive and hear all race day protests and render decisions on matters which were not fully resolved by the race director on race day. The Chair or a Board appointed Director. Except as noted below, only the Chair or the PKRA Board may call a Protest Committee Meeting. Membership consists of the Protest Committee Chairperson and up to four Director members that are appointed by the Board. Because of the nature of this committee, notice of meetings is provided to the Directors at the call of a meeting. The members present are considered a quorum. 

No Protest Committee member who is the subject or initiator of a protest may hear the protest and is, therefore, excused from that particular meeting of the Committee. 

If the Chair is the subject of a protest or the initiator of one, then the President will call and chair the meeting. 

If the Protest Committee feels that additional discipline, such as loss of points, other than those earned on the race day in question, or suspension, is required, the Committee must bring it’s recommendations to the Board for approval. 

700.5 Race Director Committee 

The Race Director Team is established to ensure the quality of each race is maintained throughout the season. Each race will be conducted in the same manner and the rules, policies, and regulations, outlined in this manual and the race director’s handbook, will be followed throughout the season. The Race Director Committee will comprise a minimum of two race directors, hand scorers, and registration personnel. The committee will be chaired by the the senior Race Director, and will be responsible for maintaining the Rules, Policies, and Procedures Manual and the Race Director’s Handbook. 

700.6 Technical Committee 

The Technical Committee is established to ensure that all competitors adhere to the technical rules of PKRA. The Technical Committee will be chaired by the Technical Director. The Technical Committee will consist of a minimum of up to five club members in good standing, including the Chairperson. The Committee may conduct the technical inspections at the track including pre-race safety inspections and class technical inspections. 

700.7 Ad Hoc Committees 

In addition to the standing committees, the board may appoint, as needed, Ad Hoc Committees. Ad Hoc Committees may be established by the Board any time for any purpose deemed appropriate. All Ad Hoc Committees will be chaired by a Director. An example of such an Ad Hoc committee is the Banquet Committee.