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PKRA Club Rules

Article Index

200 Use of PKRA Facility

200.1 PKRA Facility 

The PKRA property, facilities and services, and track (FACILITY) is specifically for the use of PKRA Club members. Non members may race and practice at the track, but will be charged a higher non-member fee. The track may be rented to special groups at the discretion of the Board of Directors. 

Individuals or groups of Members may rent the track for their private practice use. Racing is not allowed during such member or special group rentals. 

PKRA Club members and Non members (PARTICIPANTS) are responsible for their own equipment, including, but not limited to passenger vehicles, tents, trailers, karts, kart stands, tool chest, etc; and are liable for any and all damages to the facilities caused by the PARTICIPANTS, negligently, willfully, or otherwise; and agree to pay for any and all such damages to the FACILITY. 

200.2 PKRA Check Cashing Policy 

PKRA Members checks will be accepted and must have a current phone number and current membership number. If it is a business check then the membership number must be written on the check. 

Non PKRA Members checks will be accepted and must have a current phone number, current address and valid AZ drivers license. No out of state check will be accepted. If it is a business check you must write you name, home address and home phone number on the check. 

All returned checks are subject to $25 return check fee. 

All returned checks must be paid within 12 days of notification or the check will be turned over to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, Check Enforcement Program 

200.3 Race Day Pit Spaces 

The PKRA facility has 177 pit spaces. Fifty nine of these are front row spaces. Front row spaces 1-35 are premium front row pit spaces and must be rented for the year or on race day, if not rented, they must remain vacant. Back and middle row spaces can be used for free if another member does not rent them. Pit spaces are purchasable per the following notes: 

  1. Premium pit spaces 1-35 can be rented for the race day at $20.00, yearly by members at $250.00 or as a vendor pit space for the year at $375.00. If not rented, they must remain vacant. 
  2. Pit spaces 36-59 rent for $250.00 a year. 
  3. Middle and back row pit spaces rent for $50.00 a year. 
  4. Race Day Pit Rental expires with membership expiration without proration. 
  5. On race day any non-rented pit spaces 36-177 are considered open to first come/first served basis. 
  6. Pit spaces are first-come, first-served during normal (non-race day) open practice sessions. 
  7. If PKRA Membership is not renewed within 30 days of expiration, any assigned pit space(s) will be shown as available for rent. 
  8. Non-member vendor pit spaces not renewed in 15 days will be show as available for rent. 
  9. Pit spaces must be acquired through membership to PKRA only, except for vendor pit spaces. Vendors paying for a vendor pit spot (and additional spots) are not required to be members of PKRA. Vendors do not receive a vote with their pit space. 
  10. Pit Spaces may not be sold by one member to another. 
  11. Purchased pit spots may be used by other members only if authorized by the pit owner. Please check the most current pit space diagram before using a pit space that you haven’t purchased or rented for the race day. The registration desk will have the most recent diagram available on race days. 
  12. Front row pits spots may be purchased as a “vendor” pit space. Such pit spaces can be used for the sale of karting related products. Vendors are not required to be members of PKRA.  

200.4 Pit Signage 

Space for advertising signage may be rented on a yearly basis on the pit fence. Contact the Board of Directors for current rental rates. Signs are not to exceed 3’x8’ and must be on a metal or plastic base and attached to the fence in an approved way. PKRA will in no way subsidize the manufacturing of the signs. There must be no protruding bolts or sharp edges. For members or vendor pit space renters, rental costs will be prorated to expire at the same time as a member or vendors membership. The space in front of a “Vendor” pit space will be given preference to the vendor renting that pit space. It is not required to be a member or vendor to rent signage space. Faded or damaged signs must be replaced at the advertisers cost. 

200.5 Pit Passes 

For insurance reasons, during a racing event, anyone entering the track and pit areas of the PKRA facility, except for the designated spectator area, must purchase a pit pass or drivers pass. During non race days, anyone entering the track and grid areas must purchase a pit pass or drivers pass. Only individuals who are wearing an official PKRA wristband will be allowed entry into the pit area, during race days, or the grid area during non-race days. Anyone who is not in compliance will be asked to vacate the premises. The spectator area and bleachers adjacent to the scoring tower are free observation areas and wristbands are not required in those areas. The driver MUST present his/her membership card, find their name on the current membership list, or present evidence of recent membership purchase/renewal,  Otherwise, they will be charged the applicable non-member practice rate.