PKRA Club Rules

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400 Technical Specifications

The purpose of this policy section is to set forth the Technical Specifications as adopted by the PKRA Board. 

400.1 Governing Rules 

PKRA rules are based on the International Karting Federation (IKF) Technical Manual rulebook to serve as the Technical Rules and Regulations for club racing. PKRA has amended these rules where appropriate and noted herein. 

400.2 Local Club Options 

PKRA is an independent Club, the PKRA Board can impose amendments to these Rules for Local Club Racing Events. Local Club Options will be noted on the “Classes and Rules” pages of the PKRA web site. 

400.3 Sponsored Events 

All sponsored events held at the track must comply fully to the Rules and Regulations as defined in the current sanctioning body’s technical manual or rulebook. 

400.4 PKRA Deviations List 

In order to maintain up to date information on the technical specifications, all deviations that are applicable to PKRA club racing will be defined on the PKRA web site. Any amendments to a sanctioning body rules will be noted in the applicable deviation List. 

400.5 Bodywork Rule - Removed in Lieu of IKF Rules