Welcome to the new website.  As with any change, there will always be some things that may be unfamiliar or unexpected.  I have tried to develop a modern, friendly atmosphere for our membership base, which uses the latest technologies for security and future proofing.  I do ask for the membership to please bear with us as the site continues to fully develop and deploy.

Cliff Kujala - PKRA Vice President

Some features of the old site you were familiar with have been eliminated intentionally, and some will be returning after some further development and testing.  In addition to the previous existing features, you will also find some great new features built into the new website, namely the online management of membership.  This was of course the main reason to build a new site, and we as a board are extremely excited to present this new system.  Below you will find a transition roadmap, which highlights some key features that are either considered done, in process, scheduled, excluded, or in need of volunteer contribution.  If you'd like to help the club, and are familiar and comfortable with things like word processing, document formatting, or HTML, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Legacy will be temporarily available at the following address:

The legacy website should only be considered for reference until the transition is complete.  Do not conduct any business on the legacy website.

Logging In

Your previous account details have been imported into the new system. The username and password is from the previous PKRA webstore, NOT the forum. Username should be in the format of the email address you provided when joining PKRA.


Transition Roadmap

Task Status Note
Forum Excluded The forum was dropped in the best interest of the club. Voted unanimously by the board.
Rules Completed The rules and bylaws have been converted to a new, indexable and searchable online format.
Race Entry Completed A new online store has been built to handle online event entries.
New Membership System Completed Membership management has been brought online, putting account membership capabilities into the hands of the members.
Calendar Completed  
FAQ's Completed  
Policies Completed Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
About PKRA Completed Page highlighting and describing the club
Racing Completed Page that explains racing at PKRA, including class structure
Classified Ads Completed The ability for members to post classified ads is an important part of any karting club.  A new system for this is in the works to replace the old method now that the forum has been removed.
Existing Member Transition In Progress This is a complicated matter.  Existing memberships will run out their life, and as members reach expiration dates, they will be transitioned to the new online membership system
Feedback and Support In Progress A feedback and support system is being built so members with issues can submit tickets to the board (and potential volunteers) instead of simply sending emails.  This new system will allow multiple people to track and respond to members needs more efficiently.
Track Rental In Progress The ability to schedule track rentals online is a coming feature
Advertising In Progress The ability to purchase, and manage trackside, and online advertising with PKRA is a coming feature
How to Start Guide In Progress An initial How to Start in karting guide has been assembled, and is found on the new site.  However, this document is viewed by the board as an instrumental component to help new potential members get started in karting. The board is seeking a volunteer to add, edit, and maintain this guide.
PDF Forms Volunteer Needed Restyle all printed PKRA Forms to match the new Corporate branding. Create a new website page providing access to downloadable PDF copies for member usage.
Meeting Minutes Volunteer Needed The board would like to convert prior meeting minutes into a new online format.  This task requires document formatting skills. Any members familiar with MS Word or similar word processing programs can contribute to this project.
Points Volunteer Needed The club needs a volunteer to help process championship points.  This can either be done with MS Excel, or by using the built in championship system on MyLaps.