Later Race Start Time

Note that the start time for Race#4 and beyond has been pushed back an hour.  Gates open at 2:00 and practice begins at 4:00.

Board of Directors Openings

There will be five openings for PKRA Board of Directors seats (Rich Alten has resigned).  Four of them for two year terms, and one for a one year term.

So far, there are two candidates, and the deadline for applications is the July 13 meeting.  Candidates should contact by July 13 and/or come to the July 13 meeting.

Protest Procedures

There has been some discussion about protest procedures.  The PKRA rules provide for Race Day Protests.

Protest procedures are covered in the PKRA Club Rules, under 500.43, 500.44, 500.45, and 500.46

Highlighted Protest Rules

  • You must file a protest within 30 minutes of the completion of that race segment, and must be filed by the driver (parent) in the same class.  You may protest tech items or driving conduct.
  • If your protest requires tech teardown, you will be required to pay $200 in cash, which will be returned if the protest is upheld.
  • You’ll need to describe the rule (PKRA, NKA, and/or Engine Mfg) that you believe was violated, and refer to that paragraph number.  Unless you have an eidetic memory, you’ll therefore need to have the applicable rules with you.
  • If you are protesting engine tech items, you’ll need a copy of the applicable engine rules.  See the Class List for links to specific engine rules.
  • Tech will have protest forms.