• Website Transition

    Welcome to the new website.  As with any change, there will always be some things that may be unfamiliar or unexpected.  I have tried to develop a modern, friendly atmosphere for our membership base, which uses the latest technologies for security and future proofing.  I do ask for the membership to please bear with us as the site continues to fully develop and deploy.

    Cliff Kujala - PKRA Vice President

    Some features of the old site you were familiar with have been eliminated intentionally, and some will be returning after some further development and testing.  In addition to the previous existing features, you will also find some great new features built into the new website, namely the online management of membership.  This was of course the main reason to build a new site, and we as a board are extremely excited to present this new system.  Below you will find a transition roadmap, which highlights some key features that are either considered done, in process, scheduled, excluded, or in need of volunteer contribution.  If you'd like to help the club, and are familiar and comfortable with things like word processing, document formatting, or HTML, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Legacy will be temporarily available at the following address:

    The legacy website should only be considered for reference until the transition is complete.  Do not conduct any business on the legacy website.

    Logging In

    Your previous account details have been imported into the new system. The username and password is from the previous PKRA webstore, NOT the forum. Username should be in the format of the email address you provided when joining PKRA.