• 4-Cycle

    4-Cycle References

    IKF Website.

  • Forms

    Here you will find PDF copies of all Official PKRA Forms

  • Honda GX50

    Honda GX50 References

    Supplemental Honda GX50 Rules.

  • PKRA Club Rules


    This Rules, Policies, and Procedures manual provides the foundation for equal and fair competition for everyone competing at PKRA. We hope you have a fun and rewarding experience at PKRA. 

    PKRA is an IKF sanctioned track and the club follows IKF rules entirely. A separate local deviations list will be published that details any deviations from the IKF rulebook that PKRA uses as a “local option”. This manual lists the most current local options and will be updated periodically. Any changes made in the club’s rules will be subject to a 30 day cooling off period and can’t take effect until 30 days after notification. 

    PKRA is a member owned and operated club and the hard work and dedication of its members are still needed in order to keep our club strong and grow this sport. We will continue to recognize our hard working volunteers who make PKRA the finest kart racing club and track in the country. 

    Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the races. 


    The Board of Directors 

    Phoenix Kart Racing Association 

  • Rotax

    Rotax Karts References

    Rotax Kart Rules.

  • Shifter

    Shifter Kart References

    SKUSA Shifter Kart Rules.

  • TAG

    TAG Karts References

    TAG Kart Rules.