The Feb 10 Open Board Meeting Minutes have been published.


  • The board chose Hoosier as the Club Race spec tire
  • The board chose to raffle off the remaining Evinco tires at race #8, with tickets at $5 each
  • The board is looking for volunteers to serve on the Competition Committee and Marketing Committee  if you are interested
  • The ages for Tag100 will remain at 16+ for Senior and 12-15 for Junior, but waivers will be accepted as young as 14 for senior and 11 for junior
  • We will have a separate, open meeting to review the P&L and discuss long term plans for the club.

Key agenda items for the March 9 Open Board Meeting include the following:

2020 Summer Schedule – Tentatively set as:

Race 1   May 2 (can’t start until Evinco contract up April 30)
Race 2   May16 (avoids mothers day)
Race 3   May 30 (avoids Memorial day)
Race 4   June 13
Race 5   June 27 (avoids Fathers day)
Race 6   July 18
Race 7   August 15
Race 8   September 12 (avoids Labor day)
Race 9   September 26
Race 10 October 10
Rain Date:  October 17

Selection of Hoosier Compounds – Tentative Plan:

Best durability of compounds considered with good
performance. Supports the goal of getting multiple
races out of a set of tires.
Lo206 Junior 2, Senior, & Masters   4.6/6.0 widths

Better Performance.
Should still last longer than Evinco Blue
Tag 100 (Need the grip)   4.6/7.1 widths
Kid Kart, Junior 1/Cadet (Some input that R70 might be more appropriate)

Performance needed by fastest karts, but least durable
Shifter and Tag125.