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2006 Arrow Yamaha PopularSale

2006 Arrow kart with Yamaha KT100 setup with RLV-3 Sr Sportsman pipe and dry clutch.  Great hobby kart to get out and enjoy the sport at low cost...
Category :  Complete Karts
Location :  n/a
n/a 1 year, 7 months ago

REDUCED Birel Cadet Kart - Yamaha or LO206C PopularReduced

A great starter kart for a new person, looking to test out karting before committing to a large investment in new equipment.  This chassis would...
Category :  Complete Karts
Location :  n/a
1,100.00 USD 1 year, 11 months ago

LO206 Motor PopularSale

LO206 Motor. Comes with dyno sheet. This is a fast motor. Call Ted 602-885-6347
Category :  Engines
Location :  n/a
n/a 1 year ago

Top Kart LO206 Cadet kart PopularSale

2006 Top Kart cadet kart with Briggs LO206 engine.  Kart is 2013 Fall series championship winner.  Great entry level kart to get into karting with...
Category :  Complete Karts
Location :  n/a
1,700.00 USD 2 years ago

2010 Italkart KZ Shifterkart PopularSale

2010 Italkart 32mm kart complete with TM K9C KZ ICC 125cc shifter engine.  Aluminum radiator, mag wheels, self adjusting brakes, clean track day...
Category :  Complete Karts
Location :  n/a
4,500.00 USD 2 years ago

Tony Kart Shifter Kart PopularSale

Very nice complete shifter kart for sale.  Specs include: 2013 Tony Kart Racer EVK Fisher Racing Engines 99 Stock Moto Package NewLine...
Category :  Complete Karts
Location :  n/a
6,500.00 USD 2 years ago

Nevoso HPV1 Cadet Kart PopularSale

Perfect starter kart for a driver 8-12 years old.  Test if your kid wants to race at PKRA before making a large investment in a newer kart.  Kart...
Category :  Commercial
Location :  n/a
1,200.00 USD 2 years ago