PKRA Club Rules

Article Index

100 Guiding Principles

100.1 General 

This Rule Book defines the framework that governs the Phoenix Kart Racing Association (PKRA). It comprises Rules, Regulations, and Policies. These Rules, Regulations, and Policies may be changed at any time by the Board of Directors. Changes to the By-Laws require the approval of the membership in accordance with Article 11 of the Bylaws. 

100.2 Spirit and Intent 

The rules and guidelines in this rulebook are subject to the term “Spirit and Intent”. The guidelines herein are not roadmaps of legal loopholes so that competitors may “cheat legally”. Any policy, rule or procedure that has been in use for 30 days by PKRA, whether written or unwritten, can not be protested or appealed based solely on semantics, and will be interpreted based on the spirit and intent of said policy, rule or procedure. PKRA is not, and does not wish to become an organization dealing with internal or external litigation and technicalities. 

100.3 Sportsmanship 

PKRA competitors, crew, and officials are expected to exhibit the highest level of sportsmanship. Karting is a family sport. Any actions by any competitor, pit crew, or guest of a member at a PKRA event, or practice session, that could have adverse effects on the insurance, or PKRA’s ability to continue racing, will result in an automatic and immediate suspension from the facility and may also result in further disciplinary action after a review of the incident by the PKRA board. 

100.4 Practice and Racing Venue Conduct 

PKRA conducts championship series events and practices. The following rules are in effect and all competitors, pit crew members and guests must adhere to these rules: 

  1. No pets off leash. 
  2. No motorized or non-motorized scooters, skateboards, bikes or similar devices. 
  3. No radio controlled cars. 
  4. No Alcohol until after the end of racing or practice and all karts have cleared the track and tech inspection. Please see section 600.8. 
  5. During active racing, all attendees must stay behind spectator fences. No one is allowed to enter the racing area without permission and acknowledgement from the Grid Boss. The fence and the red lines at scales and the end of the A Grid define the racing area. 
  6. Proper safety apparel, as defined by PKRA and the sanctioning body (IKF, NKA, WKA), is required by all participants. *See Procedures During Practice and Race Day in Part 500 below. 
  7. Driving of karts in the pits and parking areas is prohibited.