PKRA Club Rules

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800 Operations

800.1 Other Operational Policies 

The purpose of this section is to set forth the PKRA operational policies not covered in other sections. 

800.2 Newsletter 

PKRA may publish a newsletter to supplement information on the web site. The newsletter is emailed to participating members and members can register for the newsletter from the PKRA website. The Board sets editorial guidelines for the Newsletter and the Secretary may appoint a Newsletter Editor to help with the publication. 

800.3 Communication with Members 

The official method of communication with the members of PKRA is through email. If a member does not have email then telephone and mail can be used. A list of the email addresses of the Board of Directors as well as appointed chairpersons will be maintained on the PKRA web site. 

800.4 Website 

PKRA maintains a web site at that includes a minimum of the following information: 

  1. About PKRA 
  2. How to Join 
  3. Location 
  4. Track and Facilities 
  5. Track Calendar and Race Schedule 
  6. Classes 
  7. Contacts and Board Members 
  8. Links 
  9. Rules and Regulations