PKRA Club Rules

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June 11, 2019  Changes made by Bill Scheets,  Approved per June 10 Board Meeting Vote

  1. Change 500.41 to allow 1-3 digit kart numbers.

February 12, 2018  Changes made by Bill Scheets,  Approved per February 11 Board Meeting Vote

  1. Change 500.3 and 500.4.7 definition of a championship class to be based soley on the average number of entrants for that season.  This eliminates board designation of championship classes (with the exception of Kid Karts) as well as the probationary period for dying classes.

June 12, 2018  Changes made by Bill Scheets,  Approved per June 11 Board Meeting Vote

  1. Change 500.4 reference to conditions for dropping a class to match 500.3.

April 12, 2018  Changes made by Bill Scheets,  Approved per April 9 Board Meeting Vote

  1. Annual Pit Spot rental is described as being pro-rated (200.3 #4), but this is not practical with online purchase. Recommend changing this to say “Yearly rent expires with membership expiration, without proration”.
  2. Remove 200.3 #13 (advertising signage) entirely, since there is a separate 200.4 section covering this, and the $100 rate is obsolete anyway.
  3. Change 200.3 Pit Spaces, #6 to “Pit space are first-come, first served during normal practice days”, and change the overall title of the section to 200.3 “Race Day Pit Spaces”
  4. Change 200.5 Pit Passes last 2 sentences to “ The driver must present their membership card, find their name on the current membership list, or present evidence of recent membership purchase/renewal. Otherwise, they will be charged the applicable non-member practice rate.”
  5. Change Platinum and Gold to Silver and Bronze respectively (primarily 300.2, but may be in other places). Previous board decisions made this change, but it was never reflected in the rules.
  6. Change 300.4 Duration of Membership to remove proration from family member addition, since this is not practical for online processing. The first two sentences would be changed to the following sentence: “Membership to PKRA is for 12 months from the date of initial registration or renewal of the membership, without proration.”
  7. Remove the 300.8 Member Service Contribution Status and 300.9 Service Contribution (Work Hours) Form sections, since this is not current process. The “Volunteer Hours Program” text would be removed from the 300.7 title, as well as point #5 of that section. Section 300.16 Board Member Exemption would also be removed.
  8. Fix the wording of the first sentence under 300.13 to read “Any non-member who threatens legal action in writing or brings legal action against PKRA will automatically be prohibited access to the property under a Notice of No Trespassing under ARS 13-1502.”
  9. Insert a third sentence in 500.14 “Alternatively, the starting positions for the first heat will be determined randomly by race officials, with the second heat positions being reversed.”
  10. Insert a fourth sentence in 500.14 “In this format, drivers assigned the pole position in one of the two heats may not choose to start at the opposite side of the track; only the earned pole sitter for the main has this choice”.
  11. Change 500.14 Sprint Racings Alternative Format last sentence to “Karts disqualified in one of the two heats will be start from the back of the main race."
  12. Remove 400.5 Bodywork Rule. This is already covered in the IKF manual.


May 10, 2014

Change Summary

  • Conversion of Rules to new online format

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  • None