PKRA Club Rules

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300 Operations and Directives

300.1 Affiliation 

PKRA is affiliated with the International Karting Federation (IKF). The Board is authorized to amend any sanctioning body’s rule, regulation, or technical specification (known as local option rules). 

300.2 Membership 

PKRA Memberships fall into four categories. Basic Silver, Basic Bronze , Family membership, and Non-Karting membership.  Silver and Bronze primary members have voting rights at PKRA club meetings and for election of board members. Silver and Bronze membership is limited to persons 18 years of age and older. A junior driver (i.e. under 18) may only hold family membership, and a parent or legal guardian must hold either a Silver or Bronze membership. The following notes highlight the differences in membership rights. 

  1. Basic Silver Membership: This class of membership entitles the member to unlimited free practice any time the track is open for practice.  Silver membership holders have voting rights. 
  2. Basic Bronze Membership:  This class of membership requires the member to pay a practice fee each day which the member goes to practice (practice in the morning, leaving and coming back to practice in the afternoon counts as one practice session).  Bronze membership holders have voting rights. 
  3. Family Membership: Family membership is limited to the spouse, parents or children of the member living at the same residence as the primary member. Each family member who wishes to become a PKRA Family member pays the family membership fee. The family member accrues the rights of the member to which they are related except voting rights, i.e. the family member of a Silver member is entitled to free practice and free track entry to official practice session.  Family members must be over the age of five. 
  4. Non-Karting membership: This class of membership is reserved for board members, officers of the club or others who are required to be club members to perform their duties, but otherwise do not regularly participate in driving activities. A nominal fee is charged for such memberships. If the person does participate in racing or practicing, he/she will be charged at the non-member rate. Non-Karting members do not have voting rights unless serving as a board member. 

300.3 Voting Rights 

All Basic members have the right to one vote. 

300.4 Duration of Membership 

Membership to PKRA is for 12 months from the date of initial registration or renewal of the membership, without proration.  If membership expires during a championship season the member will have 30 days to renew without loss of championship points. If renewed after the expiration but before the end of 30 days the new expiration date will be back dated to one year from the original expiration date. 

300.5 Duties of Members 

PKRA is a voluntary organization. Each member is responsible for knowing the policies of PKRA, as defined in this publication and the technical specifications defined in the PKRA website, and/or in the Official Rule Book found with the Technical Director at race events. 

300.6 Non-Discrimination 

Membership will not be based on race, religion, sex, age (other than as provided for herein), or national origin. 

300.7 Member Service Contribution  

PKRA is a club operated by its members. This requires that each member recognize and accept the responsibility for serving the Club during the tenure of their membership. Each member of PKRA is expected to serve and contribute a limited amount of time to the club. The club’s ability to provide a cost effective and quality program rest on the dedication and pride of the members who have committed themselves to preserve and enhance the racing traditions and history of PKRA. The members of PKRA foster the friendship and fellowship that makes this club something special and their continued support of this organization will always be needed. 

Examples of service include: 

  1. Participation in static exhibitions by PKRA. 
  2. Participation in track cleanup and repair activities. 
  3. Contributions of special expertise and skills to club goals. 
  4. Serving as an officer and meeting the minimum attendance for the Board Meetings  
  5. Serving as a member of any Board sanctioned committee. 

300.8 Non-Applicable Section Removed  

300.9 Non-Applicable Section Removed

300.10 Non-Applicable Section Removed

300.11 Member Conduct 

In addition to the above, each member is expected to read and be knowledgeable of the PKRA By Laws, these Rules and Policies, as well as, the appropriate sanctioning bodies competition rules, regulations and technical specifications manuals. The members are expected to be obedient to their intent as well as their literal definition. All members are to conduct themselves in a way that reflects positively on PKRA and Karting as a family motor sport. 

300.12 Termination or Suspension of Membership 

Please see Article 5 of the PKRA Bylaws. 

300.13 Legal Action Against PKRA by a Non-Member 

Any non-member who threatens legal action in writing or brings legal action against PKRA will be automatically prohibited access to the property under a Notice of No Trespassing under ARS 13-1502. In writing includes all print and electronic forms of communication (letter, email, forum post, text, instant message, Etc.). The Board of Directors will notify the non-member of the Notice of No Trespassing under ARS 13-1502. If the Non-Member cannot be contacted easily the Notice will be posted at the PKRA facility. The Notice of No Trespassing can only be removed by a vote of two thirds of the Board of Directors. 

300.14 Board Governance 

PKRA is governed by a Board of Directors that are elected by the Club membership as defined in Policy 600 Articles 7, 8, and 9 of the By-Laws. 

300.15 Board Member Responsibilities 

As a condition of accepting a position on the Board of Directors of PKRA, each of the other Board members who are not officers (i.e. President, Vice President, Treasurer or Secretary), will accept one or more of the following responsibilities: 

  1. Points Chairperson: Oversee race day scoring. 
  2. Registration: Oversee all race, practice and special event registration. 
  3. Club Work Hours: Oversee work hour records for all club members and provide current hours for each club member to the Secretary for publishing in the Newsletter. 
  4. Club Equipment: Ensure all club equipment is maintained and secured, and is set up and put away at each race event. 
  5. Technical Director: Chair the Tech Committee and oversee tech inspection at all PKRA events. 
  6. Protest Committee Chairperson: Chair the Protest Committee and oversee all Protest Committee activities at PKRA events. 
  7. Club Awards: Oversee ordering and distribution, in a timely manner, of all club awards and trophies. This duty can be combined with Points Chairperson. 
  8. Event Coordinator: Oversee the coordination, staffing and staging of the Championship Series race when hosted by PKRA. 
  9. Membership Chairperson: Oversee all aspects of membership processing, maintenance of the club member database and ensuring that membership cards and materials are supplied to new and renewing members. The Membership chairperson is also responsible for allocation of pit spaces. 

Note: The board member assigned to theses responsibilities as listed is not expected to personally carry out the task, but is responsible for ensuring that the task is assigned. 

300.16 Board Member Exemption 

Subsequent to their term on the board, Board members who fulfilled the entire term of 2 years are exempt from any further requirements for member service contribution (work hours) as long as they remain active members of PKRA. If the former board member allows their membership to laps for longer than 30 days the exemption will no longer be valid. 

300.17 Rules of Order 

PKRA has adopted Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised (known as RONR) as the official parliamentary procedure for conducting meetings at PKRA. RONR is a thorough text concerning all aspects of running a meeting. These rules are quite complex as they deal with just about any situation which can occur during a meeting. The following are the basic guidelines which the Club will adhere to: 

  1. Parliamentary procedure is a method of conducting business at a meeting. The meeting proceeds according to an agenda or order of business. The agenda will call for reports from officers of the club and from committees. Business decisions to be discussed and made by the meeting are put before the meeting in the form of a motion. 
  2. All motions to be discussed at a meeting must be provided in writing to the secretary 30 days in advance of the meeting. The Secretary will add the motion to the agenda and publish it in the newsletter, and on the PKRA website. If the motion is not received in sufficient time to be published prior to the club meeting, it will be added to the agenda of the following meeting. 
  3. When a member wishes to make a motion at a scheduled meeting, he/she will stand and call attention to the chairman (for PKRA meetings this is usually the club president). When the chairman recognizes you, state your motion in the format “I move that we …..” It is also a good idea to write the motion down and hand it to the secretary so it can be accurately recorded in the minutes. 
  4. Before a motion can be debated, it must be seconded by another member, by calling “second”. If no one seconds a motion, it is not discussed and is immediately defeated. Once seconded, the chairman or secretary will state the motion and open discussion. The member proposing the motion starts the discussion. Other members wishing to speak, stand and wait for the chair to recognize them. Every member is given a chance to speak at least once, and not more than twice, on a given motion. A time limit of two minutes is allowed each time a member takes the floor. 
  5. When debate on a motion is complete, the chairman will call for a vote. This typically will be a show of hands. If a majority of those present agree to the motion, it is said to have been carried, and it is adopted as an official decision of PKRA. 
  6. The secretary will bring to such meetings the summary version of the Rules as a reference book. 
  7. Motions which contravene the PKRA Bylaws will not be entertained. 

300.18 Conduct, Frequency and Notice of Club Meetings 

Meetings of PKRA are open to all members and non-members of PKRA. Non-members do not have voting privileges. There will be no less than ten General Meetings within the year. A calendar of general meetings, including the Annual Meeting, will be posted on the PKRA Website. The Board may make amendments to that calendar. Notice of any change will be posted on the PKRA website at least 10 days prior to the new meeting date(s), in accordance with the current Bylaws. Changes in date, time, or place of the General Meeting, immediately preceding the Annual Meeting, will be published at least 7 days in advance. If no more than 10 members attend a regularly scheduled monthly membership meeting, the Board may elect to cancel the meeting. 

300.19 Access to Rules of PKRA 

A copy of the Rules, Policies and Procedures Manual, the PKRA Technical Handbook, and a copy of the latest IKF Technical Manual, will be open and available to any member. The board will see that a copy of these items is available at each PKRA event and at each Club and Board Meeting. The Membership chairperson will inform each PKRA member that the most recent copy of the Rules, Policies and Procedures of PKRA are available on the PKRA Web Site. Any member may request a hard copy of the rules by contacting the PKRA secretary. All race participants should have a copy of the PKRA rules as well as copy of the current IKF rule book. 

300.20 Fiscal Management 

Fiscal Year: The PKRA fiscal year will be from January 1 to December 31. 

Signature Authority: All checks, drafts, or orders for the payment of money issued in the name of the Phoenix Kart Racing Association will be signed by the President or the Treasurer. Two signatures will be required for amounts above $500. 

300.21 Management of Non-Cash Assets 

  1. Facilities Policy: Operation, maintenance and control of the facility and equipment of PKRA are the Board’s responsibility. 
  2. Maintenance and Acquisition of equipment: All purchases, repair, or disposition of physical property will be approved by the Board. The Board will designate a Facility Manager for each physical asset. . The assets for Tech, tools, supplies, equipment are the responsibility of the Tech Director. The Tech Director is also responsible for an up to date inventory of the assets. The remaining assets are to be used by the Facility Manager as needed to conduct PKRA affairs. The Facility Manager will immediately inform the Board of any maintenance requirements, damage or loss of PKRA equipment or facilities. The Facility Manager is responsible for an up to date inventory of the assets. The Facility Manager will return all property to the Board, or the Board’s designee, upon demand. Assets of PKRA are not to be used for any personal or commercial purpose without the express permission of the Board. 
  3. Solicitation and Receiving of Donations: Solicitation of donations is the responsibility of the. Board appointed Manager of Marketing and Publicity. Receipt and inventory of donated items and material is the responsibility of the Treasurer, with approval of the Board. 

300.22 Debt Policy 

PKRA will not enter into any debt without approval of the Board by a two-thirds majority. 

300.23 Distribution of Assets on Dissolution 

Upon dissolution of PKRA, the assets of PKRA will be donated to a non-profit organization, selected by the Board of Directors. 

300.24 Financial Accountability 

The Treasurer with the approval of the Board of Directors will contract with an appropriate Certified Public Accountant and prepare monthly accountability statements for the Club.