PKRA Club Rules

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500 Club Practice and Racing Procedures

This policy section sets forth the procedures used by PKRA for the conduct of practice, race events and the race season. 

500.1 Race Director 

The Race Director is in charge of running the race day. On race day the Race Director manages all employees paid or volunteer. Unsportsmanlike and/or aggressive behavior toward the Race Director will lead to a disqualification and possible expulsion from the facility. 

500.2 Official Entrant 

For the purposes of scoring championship points, the official entrant is the driver. The kart will carry the qualifying time and grid position. Therefore, if a driver races a kart without a qualifying time, that kart and driver will start at the rear of the field. The position will be ahead of any disqualified karts and ahead of new drivers as defined on page 17. The Race Director will be notified of any change in the kart and/or driver before the kart and driver assemble at the grid. 

500.3 Classes, Entrants, and Awards at PKRA Events 

  1. A Championship class is defined as one where an average of 5 or more drivers compete in that class for the particular season in question, with the exception of Kid Karts.  The determination of whether the Kid Kart class is a competitive and/or a championship class is determined by the board in consultation with the membership.
  2. Season championship points will be recorded and posted for all entrants in all classes, but season trophies will only be awarded to official championship classes.
  3. Trophies and other appropriate championship awards will be distributed as follows: 
    1. Kids Karts: All participants that attend the banquet will receive an award. 
    2. Junior Classes: Awards shall be given to 1st through 5th places. 
    3. Adult Classes: Awards shall be given to 1St, 2nd & 3rd places. 

500.4 Definition Of The Competition Season and Season End Points 

  1. Unless specifically stated otherwise, all PKRA club racing events will be run in two seasons per year. The specific race dates within the competition season will be set by the Board of Directors and published on the PKRA website one month before the current season ends. All changes to the published schedule require published notice at least 30 days ahead of any change, except cancellation on the day of the event. 
  2. A calendar of race dates will be established by the Board of Directors 
  3. A minimum of 8 racing events will be scheduled per season. Once the season schedule is announced the number of mandatory dropped races will be announced. A dropped race is a race removed from races you have either entered and received points or a race not entered. A race in which the driver was disqualified cannot be used as a dropped race. 
  4. The board may choose to reserve a weekend at the end of each season as a date for a make up race. If a race had to be cancelled during the season for any cause (e.g. weather), then a makeup race may be held on the reserved weekend at the discretion of the board 
  5. The Race Director is responsible for canceling any race for any reason provided it is/has been done for good cause. 
  6. The number of racing events scored toward individual season championships will be a maximum of the total number of events, less the prescribed mandatory dropped race(s). 
  7. Points will be calculated for all defined classes, but the determination of whether a class is a championship class for all but Kid Karts is based on the the actual number of drivers participating in that class for that season.  If the average is 5 or greater, the class will be deemed a championship class for that particular season. 
  8. All season-end awards are intended to recognize the accomplishments of club members. To be eligible for any season-end award, it must be earned while a club member. If a membership expires prior to, or during a championship series, the member has 30 days to renew in order to remain a current club member and be eligible for season-end awards. During this period, members can race and practice at member fees, however, the membership will be back dated to the expiration of the previous membership. If the member doesn't renew within this time period, their membership is canceled and they must pay non-member fees to race and practice. New members, or people with expired memberships, can purchase a membership and be eligible for current season-end awards if they have not raced in any of the current series races, i.e.; they didn't pay non-member fees to race in any of the current series races. If an eligible member purchased their membership during a current series, their mandatory dropped race(s) will be counted towards any missed races. Any non-member who competed in any of the current series races (paying non-member fees) will not be eligible for the current season-end awards. All official entrants are scored during each race and their cumulative points are tallied at the end of the competition season. Non-members and members who are ineligible for season-end awards will still continue to receive points during the competition season, however, they will not receive awards during the annual banquet. 
  9. Season-end awards and point accumulations can only be earned within PKRA club events. 
  10. To be eligible for season-end awards, the racer must be a club member. 
  11. If a kart is disqualified during Post Technical Inspection, the driver of the kart will not receive any points for the event and this event cannot be used as a mandatory dropped race (see mandatory dropped race above). The points for all other drivers will be based on all karts that entered the race, including the disqualified karts.

500.5 Green Flag Rule 

Green Flag Rule”: If a competitor takes any green flag (qualifying, heat or main) they are considered to be an official entry. For example, if a driver takes a green flag on their first qualifying lap, impacts a tire and has to retire for the day, points for the day (last place finish points) will still be awarded. If he does not take a green flag, he was not considered an entrant, does not get points, but is eligible for refund of his race fee. 

500.6 Championship Points 

Points are awarded based on finishing positions in the main event plus the number of entrants in the class as defined in the IKF rule book.  

*NOTE: If a kart is disqualified during Technical Inspection, the driver of the kart will not receive any points for the event. 

500.7 Procedures During Practice At The PKRA Facility 

The purpose of practice sessions at PKRA is to provide a means, by which a driver can improve the kart’s handling, properly set up the kart, and learn the race lines around the track. 


During practice sessions, there are karts of different performance capabilities and drivers of varying degrees of skill. Racing with your friends in this environment is risking your safety and that of other drivers at the track. 

The following rules apply to all drivers during practice: 

  1. Be aware that there are no course workers to flag a track incident up ahead. Drive with the expectation that the track may be blocked around the next corner. 
  2. The PKRA staff member is there to open the facility for the members, not to act as a race official. 
  3. The PKRA staff has the authority to pull you off the track and end your practice session. 
  4. Do not stop on the racing surface. If your kart breaks down or stalls, pull it off the track and onto the gravel, far enough that it is not likely to be hit by another kart losing control at the same place. 
  5. Wear proper safety apparel. The same rules regarding safety gear apply at practice as well as the races – helmet, neck brace, suit (or other suitable heavy duty long sleeved clothing), gloves, high top shoes, and chest protectors (required for Junior classes only) are required. Rib braces are recommended. 
  6. Do not drive through the pits. Stop your kart by the scales and push it through the pits. 
  7. Start your kart on A Grid. Obey the 5mph speed limit in the pits. 
  8. Kid karts will be run separately. No other class of karts will be allowed on the track. 
  9. Karts may only be operated at the PKRA track by drivers who have attained the age specified for that class of kart. For example, a junior driver (under age 15) may not drive a TAG senior kart. Exceptions may be made to this rule by petitioning the board and clearance is obtained from the PKRA insurance company. 
  10. The golf karts may not be operated beyond the pit area when there are karts operating on the track. If a kart stalls or breaks down all other karts must return to the pits before the golf kart is sent to pick up the disabled kart.