Inside PKRA Configurations
Six different road course configurations which can be run in either direction and an asphalt oval give PKRA members a great variety to test their skills.


ConfigFullTrack CW

Full Track CW

ConfigTwoStraights CW

Two Straights CW

ConfigShortTrack CW

Short CW

ConfigVintageFull CW

Vintage Full CW

ConfigVintageTwoStraights CW

Vintage 2 Strghts CW

ConfigVintageShort CW

Vintage Short CW

ConfigFullTrack CCW

Full Track CCW

ConfigTwoStraights CCW

Two Straights CCW

ConfigShortTrack CCW

Short CCW

ConfigVintageFull CCW

Vintage Full CCW

ConfigVintageTwoStraights CCW

Vintage 2 Strts CCW

ConfigVintageShort CCW

Vintage Short CCW