PKRA Track Configurations
Six different road course configurations which can be run in either direction and an asphalt oval give PKRA members a great variety to test their skills.
Kid Karts always use the Vintage variant
ConfigFullTrack CW

Full Track CW

ConfigTwoStraights CW

Two Straights CW

ConfigShortTrack CW

Short CW

ConfigVintageFull CW

Vintage Full CW

ConfigVintageTwoStraights CW

Vintage 2 Strghts CW

ConfigVintageShort CW

Vintage Short CW

ConfigFullTrack CCW

Full Track CCW

ConfigTwoStraights CCW

Two Straights CCW

ConfigShortTrack CCW

Short CCW

ConfigVintageFull CCW

Vintage Full CCW

ConfigVintageTwoStraights CCW

Vintage 2 Strts CCW

ConfigVintageShort CCW

Vintage Short CCW