Board Decisions

These are Board Decisions that constitute club policy, but are not otherwise documented outside the meeting minutes where the decision was made.

Club Race Trophy Entry Minimum  6/8/2020

  • The board changed the minimum to 5 entrants for race trophies to be awarded for a class.

Pets will again be allowed at PKRA with restrictions   12/9/2019

  • Pets must be on a leash no longer than 6ft, in a closed vehicle (no access to outsiders), or carried in your arms, and fully under your control at all times.
  • If an animal bites someone, the pet will be banned forever, and the person/family will be suspended/banned for at least 30 days.

Pets will no longer be allowed at PKRA   11/11/2019

  • Pets are no longer allowed.  Service animals are excepted.  [Decision reversed Dec 9, 2019].

All classes will run the same configuration  9/9/2019

  • Kid Karts and Shifters will now run the same configuration as other classes, effective immediately.
  • This applies to both races and practice.
  • This was done for safety reasons.  Some form of barriers will be set up preventing drivers from taking a wrong turn.
  • This reverses the decision on shifters on 2/11/2019.

Eliminate Membership Purchases/Renewals at the Track 8/12/2019

  • PKRA Memberships can no longer be purchased at the track.
  • Memberships must be purchased/renewed within MotorsportReg.
  • If memberships are not purchased/renewed in time, no refunds will be issued for the added non-member cost.

Vendor Links on PKRA Web Site 6/10/2019
PKRA will provide links to select Vendors on our web site under the following conitions:

  • Vendor Involvement/Presence at club practices and/or races.
    Determination at the discretion of board.
  • Vendor website has up to date web site information regarding PKRA
  • Vendor website links back to the PKRA web site.
  • Vendior asks to have a link..

Prohibition against moving back to a lower class after racing a higher class3/11/2019

  • PKRA will enforce the rules against moving back to a lower class within our club only (we won’t consider outside races).
  • PKRA will enforce the rules against moving back to a lower class only within 4 and 2 cycle class groupings. For example, a driver can run LO206 Jr 1 and Tag 100 Jr 2.
  • Note that other clubs or series may implement rules differently, and running a higher age group at PKRA may affect your age group eligibility elsewhere.

Track Configuration for Shifters  2/11/2019  *** Decision Reversed 9/9/2019 ***

  • Shifters will always race the extended, non-Vintage version of the configuration even when others are running Vintage
  • On Saturday and Sunday mornings we will allow shifters to run the extended, non-Vintage version of the configuration when Vintage configurations are normally being run.  TaG classes can choose to run with the shifters as applicable.

Vendor Posting of Ads on Facebook  2/11/2019

  • The club allows the posting of one ad to Facebook per month.

Club Race Trophy Entry Minimum  2/11/2019  ** Decision changed 6/8/2020 **

  • The board Confirmed a minimum of 4 entrants for race trophies to be awarded for a class.

Reduced Track Rental for Phoenix Kart Rentals  5/14/2018

  • The board approved providing a reduced track rental rate of $75/hr if rented for 4+ hours and waived the extra person fee.  The $75 light fee still applies.

Pre-Registration Entry Issues  3/12/2018

  • The board reiterated the policy that online pre-registration must be completed to receive the pre-entry discount.  Drivers are encouraged to register early to avoid disappointment, and contact web support with any issues prior to registration closing.

Neck Braces  3/12/2018

  • The board reiterated the policy that Neck Braces are required per PKRA 500.7 regardless of IKF rules.

Change Process for Important Matters  11/07/2016

  • Any new business can be raised by any member at or before a scheduled meeting for discussion and a “provisional vote”. If the item received an approved “provisional vote”, the item will then be posted with the minutes and placed on the next posted meeting for a “final vote” after which it will become effective. \
  • Discussion clarified that these would be more significant decisions, and that the board could waive this as required.