Dec 2020 Board meeting

January 11th, 2021|

The Dec 14, 2020 Open Board Meeting Minutes have been published.

Highlights include 
    • Race Day Operations
      ● Covid Concerns:
      ● Start procedure
    • Finance (as of 12/09/2020)
      ● Checking $115,000
    • Project Status Review
      1. Observation towers- finalizing permits for concrete pad pour
      2. Lighting- Four designs have been submitted for review
      3. County/Lease
      ● New lease approved at the December 9 County Meeting, effective
      January 1
    • COTA Race in January
    • Showdown Racing

Announcements: Changes to Winter Racing Season, Winter Practice

October 28th, 2020|

Winter Practice Hours

We will switch to winter weekend practice hours on November 1:  9-5 on Saturday & Sunday except for Sundays that Super Moto runs (or that we have races).  See the calendar for specific days to avoid disappointment.

Winter Racing Season Changes

A number of changes have been made for the 2021 Winter Racing Season:

  • Tag100 will run the longer wearing R70 compound.
  • LO206 Jr 1 minimum weight will be raised to 245 lbs
  • LO206 Jr 1 must use the more restrictive green slide
  • The winter schedule has been posted

Sept 2020 Board meeting

September 21st, 2020|

The Sept 14 Open Board Meeting Minutes have been published.

7 proposals were made for changes to the upcoming Winter season. 

    • Senior Age
    • Defining age groups across categories
    • Age Waiver procedures
    • Time Penalties
    • Junior 1 206 weights and slides
    • Format of racing for Winter Season
    • Racing Season Schedule
    • Tire compound for Tag classes

Board Election Results

August 4th, 2020|

PKRA Board of Directors Election Results

The election is complete, with 58% of the membership voting.  The top 4 will take 2 year terms, while the 5th will take a 1 year term.  They will officially take office at the Aug 10 annual club meeting.  The board will elect the officers (President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary) at that Aug 10 meeting.

  1. Bernie Lacotta – Re-elected to a 2 year term
  2. Micah Hendricks – Elected to a 2 year term
  3. Curtis Ruth– Elected to a 2 year term
  4. Cindy Lacotta – Re-elected to a 2 year term
  5. Jon Lassak – Elected to a 1 year term

July 13 Meeting Minutes

July 14th, 2020|

The July 13 Open Board Meeting Minutes have been published.  Highlights are as follows:

  • The July 18 race has been postponed until Aug 1.  If restrictions are extended, the board will consider alternatives to organizing races that might satisfy the Park/County.
  • Elections will be held July 20 – Aug 3, with nominations / applications accepted at the July 13 meeting.  Five positions will be voted on.  Candidates are:
    • Cindy Lacotta
    • Bernie Lacotta
    • Ken Queen
    • Micah Hendricks
    • Veerachart Murphy
    • Ryan Woon
    • Jon Lassak
    • Curtis Ruth
    • Weston Lee Wilkerson
    • Jim Willittes
    • Garrett Drysdale
    • Jason Altzman
    • Ryan Ruth
  • PKRA will be requiring birth certificates for new Kid Kart drivers.

June 8 Meeting Minutes

June 9th, 2020|

The June 8 Open Board Meeting Minutes have been published.  Highlights are as follows:

  • Elections will be held July 20 – Aug 3, with nominations / applications accepted at the July 13 meeting.  Four positions will be voted on.  Candidates should contact by July 13 and/or attend the July 13 meeting.
  • The board has raised the minimum number of entrants to 5 in order for race day trophies to be provided.
  • A new rule clarifies that fuel must be at ambient temperature for all classes.
  • We will be policing drinking on race day.

Special Temporary Race Day Procedures **Updated Race #4**

June 4th, 2020|

Special Race Procedures During Phase 1 Opening Period

During the Arizona Phase 1 opening period (until further notice), a number of procedures will be different.

There will be No Onsite Registrations.

  • You must pre-register online, including all classes, transponder purchases / numbers, non-driver pit passes by name, and front row pit spaces.
    • There will be no on site sales, and no one will be admitted that hasn’t been pre-registered by name.  
    • We are limiting Non-Driver Pit Pass Wrist Bands to 2 per driver.  The county requires that there be no spectators, and found that we were not complying for race #1.
  • Please make sure all information is correct, including drivers age and transponder  number in addition to race entry itself.
  • Note that you may change your registration up until the closing of registration at 6:00pm the Friday before (but please don’t wait until the last minute;  stuff happens, and what’s there at 6:00pm is what we go with).
  • Note also we have a very flexible refund policy.
  • Please review the documentation for normal registration at
  • Register early to avoid disappointment.

These additional restrictions apply:

  • Please […]

Summer Race #2 Results/ Points, Config Change for Race #3

May 31st, 2020|

Summer Race #2 Results and Points  have been posted.
Report any issues to

Note:  The Summer Points display below the Winter points for some unknown reason.

Note that the Configurations for Race #3 and Race #9 have been changed

  • Race #3 has been changed to Two Straights CW due to the subsequent COTA race the next weekend
  • The Vintage CCW configuration has been moved from Race #3 to Race #9
  • The 5 Shifter mini series races have been adjusted accordingly

May 11 Meeting Minutes

May 12th, 2020|

The May 11 Open Board Meeting Minutes have been published.  Highlights are as follows:

  • There will be temporary restrictions at races, including online only registration, pit spot spacing, no food vendor, etc.  See for more information.
  • The dinner break will be after Qualifying instead of after the Heat Race.
  • The competition committe proposed changes in the shifter classes, and the board approved.
  • The postponed race will be Oct 17, and the rain date is pushed back to Oct 24.
  • NKA has indicated we can run Junior 2’s with Seniors, despite the wording in the rule set.
  • We will grid up for qualifying based on timed practice.
  • For the summer practice, we will turn off the track lights at 9:45 and the pit lights at 10:00, with everyone out of the park by 10:15.
  • The board approved going forward with an initial phase of light improvement.
  • Andy Seesemann has asked to have a COTA race June 19/20, and we’ve tentatively approved.
  • Elections will be held July 20 – Aug 3, with nominations / applications accepted at the June 8 and July 13 meetings.  Four positions will be voted on.

Apr 13 Meeting Minutes

April 14th, 2020|

The April 13 Open Board Meeting Minutes have been published.  Highlights are as follows:

  • The board decided to use the NKA rule set.  The NKA rules are online, and the transition should be fairly smooth.  The rules are fairly close to IKF rules and NKA insurance won’t change.
  • The board decided to change the LO206 Kid Kart weight to 190.
  • The board will wait until April 25 to consider whether any change to the summer race schedule is warranted based on governmental direction.
  • We will not be allowing Junior 1 / Cadet drivers with Junior 2 during practice or races.