2022 Racing Season Updates

October 31st, 2021|

With only one week until the start of the 2022 season, now feels like a good time to review a couple of new options with registration, as well as give a reminder that it is the driver/guardian’s responsibility to adhere to the class structure rules. The PKRA board will be taking a active role in ensuring adherence to the PKRA rule book. In the coming weeks, PKRA will be reviewing MSR ages, and waiver status. Please be ready to provide a birth certificate, if necessary.

New Classes;

Senior Heavy (380lbs) – this class was created as an outlet for drivers that cannot meet the Senior weight of 360lbs, but do not yet qualify for the minimum age requirement for Masters. It is thought that this class will allow room for drivers that may have sat on the sidelines for the 2021 season. If this sounds like you, then come out and race!

  • Note: This class will most likely be run concurrent with Masters, or Senior, so if you are racing Senior Heavy, please do not register for the other classes, as we don’t have a good idea where it will fit in yet.

Rotax 125 Jr – Due to insurance, PKRA must differentiate […]

Makeup Race Results and Points Posted

October 17th, 2021|

Makeup Race Results have been posted for Race #1 and #5

Points have also been updated, and are complete for the 2021 Summer Season.
Note that for those races completed on Oct 16, those race points appear at the end instead of in race# order, and the set of Summer points appear below the Winter 2021 points for some unknown reason.

Report any issues to

October 16, 2021 Make-Up Race Layout

October 7th, 2021|

On October 16th we will be running the make-up races for Summer Race 1, and Summer Race 5. The classes will be limited to the original entrants, and the racing will resume based on the previous finishing order of the heats that were run. Race 1 will finish the mains that were pushed, and Race 5 will resume Heat #2 for the classes that did not finish. The schedule for the day will be fluid, however, the gates will open at 1:00, with Race 1 warm-up scheduled to begin at 3:00. There will be a brief driver meeting, and the resumption of racing as early as possible. Following the conclusion of Race 1, we will change the configuration in order to progress onto Race 5. It is anticipated that the Race 1 Mains, track worker break, and configuration change will be completed by 6:00, allowing for another round of warm-up for Race 5, and a second driver’s meeting. If you are only racing in Race 5, please have your kart ready to go by 6:00. Please click the class that you ran in order to see your grid position.

Starting Order (Based completed heats 1 & 2)

Race 1:

Junior […]

Special Thanks To All Involved With The New Track Sign!

September 21st, 2021|

Thank you to Scott Cebulski for fabricating and building our new sign. Scott’s skills as a metal fabricator show through in the design, and scale of this behemoth. This sign is located at the North entry to A-Grid. The sign will display a track map, and ad boards for track sponsors. Additionally, we would like to thank Lyn Grant, and David Hillburn for their hours of help getting the foundations set. One look at this thing, and you’ll see that we have signage covered for years to come, despite any tornados that may come through town.

If you, or anyone that you know are interested in purchasing an ad board, please contact Curtis Ruth, at Innovative Karting.


Thanks again guys.