Hoosier Tire Selection Q & A

February 13th, 2020|

PKRA has selected Hoosier tires for PKRA Club Races beginning May 1, 2020
see the announcement at

Questions and Answers Regarding the Hoosier Tire Selection for PKRA Club Races

Does this apply to all PKRA Club Race Classes?
Yes. As with the other tire contracts, the distributor will provide tires and other items for the banquet, and in return we require their tires for PKRA club races.

Why was the decision made in closed session?
(1) One of the vendors we spoke with was very upset that a past proposal was given directly to the competition, and we can’t let that happen.
(2) We’ve heard a great deal of input from individuals and feel all the relevant issues have been brought up many, many times over. All the same past issues apply from two years ago, except that tire wear has become a much greater issue.
(3) In past open meetings, certain individuals monopolized the conversation, and this isn’t about who shouts the loudest or rants the longest.

Is Innovative Karting the only Dealer for Hoosier tires?
No.  There are other Hoosier Kart Tire dealers in Phoenix (e.g. AZ Kartwerx and Team AZ, plus others likely inactive), and one in Tucson. Granted, […]

Feb 10 Board Meeting and Upcoming Mar 9 Meeting

February 11th, 2020|

The Feb 10 Open Board Meeting Minutes have been published.


  • The board chose Hoosier as the Club Race spec tire
  • The board chose to raffle off the remaining Evinco tires at race #8, with tickets at $5 each
  • The board is looking for volunteers to serve on the Competition Committee and Marketing Committee  if you are interested
  • The ages for Tag100 will remain at 16+ for Senior and 12-15 for Junior, but waivers will be accepted as young as 14 for senior and 11 for junior
  • We will have a separate, open meeting to review the P&L and discuss long term plans for the club.

Key agenda items for the March 9 Open Board Meeting include the following:

2020 Summer Schedule – Tentatively set as:

Race 1   May 2 (can’t start until Evinco contract up April 30)
Race 2   May16 (avoids mothers day)
Race 3   May 30 (avoids Memorial day)
Race 4   June 13
Race 5   June 27 (avoids Fathers day)
Race 6   July 18
Race 7   August 15
Race 8   September 12 (avoids Labor day)
Race 9   September 26
Race 10 October 10
Rain Date:  October 17

Selection of Hoosier Compounds – […]

Club Race Tire Selection

February 11th, 2020|

The PKRA Board of Directors has chosen Hoosier tires for the PKRA spec club race tire beginning May 1.  The reasons are simple – Hoosier offers more durable tire compounds that will stand up to our abrasive track with very good performance.  We also expect a lower retail price.

We believe this provides the best value for our members;  allowing them to purchase tires less often and reducing their cost when they do.  We believe this provides much greater value than the race day free tire drawings, and benefits those who do not choose to race.  We expect the largest benefit to be to the LO206 Jr 2, Senior, and Masters classes, and feel this will encourage drivers to come out more often.  We feel keeping costs down is important to growing the club.

While the board made the decision in closed sessions over a number of months, we’ve heard a great deal of input from the members, with the overwhelming majority complaining about tire costs.  We believe we have weighed all the factors, including the potential implications of promotors bringing races to PKRA, and believe this is in the overall best interests of the club.  The vote was unanimous, except for one abstention.

Hoosier have a great reputation worldwide in may […]

Announcements: Awards Banquet & Track Open MLK

January 1st, 2020|

The Awards Banquet for the 2019 seasons is scheduled for 6:00 PM on January 25, and will again be at Dave and Busters.  Advance purchase ticket sales have closed, but you can still pay at the door.  For more information, see the event on MotorsportReg at

The track will be open for practice 10:00-5:00 on Monday (MLK Birthday)

Dec 9 Open Board Meeting Highlights

December 10th, 2019|

The Dec 9 Open Board Meeting Minutes have been published.


  • The track will be open during the day (10:00am-3:00pm) Mon Dec 23, Thu Dec 26, Fri Dec 27, Mon Dec 30, Tue Dec 31, Wed Jan 1, Thu Jan 2, as well as Fri Jan 3 from 10:00am-10:00pm
  • The Pet policy has been modified to allow dogs with the following restrictions:
    • Pets must be on a leash no longer than 6ft, in a closed vehicle (no access to outsiders), or carried in your arms, and fully under your control at all times.
    • If your animal bites someone, the pet will be banned forever, and the person/family will be suspended/banned for at least 30 days.
    • By bringing a pet, you agreed to abide by these rules and assume all liability.
  • The Track work day originally scheduled for Dec 14 has been canceled.
  • A reminder that on race day, the vehicle gate closes when registration closes (currently 10:30am for winter season).  Visitors that come later can park in the north lot, and must purchase pit pass wrist bands to enter the pit area.
  • A reminder that the Awards Banquet is scheduled for Jan 25 from 6:00pm-9:00pm.  You may […]

Nov 11 Open Board Meeting Highlights

November 12th, 2019|

The Nov 11 Open Board Meeting Minutes have been published.


  • Pets will no longer be allowed at PKRA.
  • We will be using the new registration room beginning with the Nov 17 race.
  • The Awards Banquet is scheduled for Jan 25 from 6:00pm-9:00pm.  A motorsportReg event has been created.
  • Tire testing has begun, and we are targeting the Dec 9 meeting to discuss alternatives with the membership.
  • We will not perform tech for the Shifter Open class.
  • Kids Karts receiving a DQ will not receive a trophy.
  • We will spread out the LO206 Jr1 at about 3 second intervals for qualifying.
  • The board has given specific race officials the authority to eject individuals for abusive language or violence.

Adobe Mountain Speedway

September 19th, 2019|

Adobe Mountain Speedway (AMS) has recently reopened the dirt track area south of the PKRA track.  For up-to-date status, see their web site at

A great deal of work has been done to revitalize the site, including new electrical, new catch fences, site cleanup, and other improvements.

While PKRA will have overall responsibility for both sites, AMS will be operated independently, and all questions should be directed to their contact page

PKRA Club Race Registration Through MotorsportReg

June 28th, 2019|

PKRA Club Race Pre-Registration Instructions for MotorsportReg

  • PKRA is using MotorsportReg for online Club Race Pre-Registration.
  • Registration must use the profile of the particular driver.  Registering multiple family member drivers easily done from a single log-in if your account relationships are set up correctly (if you have an issue with this, please contact  You may register multiple drivers before completing check-out, but they are considered individual registrations.
  • Registration will use the contact information (including birth date for age verification), emergency contact information, and vehicle transponder from the particular driver profile. Please make sure this information is current.
  • You’ll need to create at least one vehicle – we’ll pull the transponder number from it.  If you rent your transponder, you’ll still need to have a vehicle with a blank transponder number.  This needs to be done only once, and you can do it on the fly during registration.
  • Registration will force unique Kart numbers within a class.  Members may request kart number reservations at ( Driver, Class Kart Number).
  • Up to two Front Row Pit spots may be purchased for this race only through this registration (subject to availabilty).  Members may alternatively choose to purchase up […]

June 10 Open Board Meeting Highlights

June 23rd, 2019|

Minutes from the June 10 Open Board Meeting have been published.

  • We will be starting Saturday night racing one hour later starting June 22.  We will continue to have the dinner break after qualifying, but will have an additional 15 min break after the Heat.
  • We changed to “Minor” pit passes 2-17 for $5 instead of the current Child 2-10 for $5 and Adult 11+ at $10.  This will be implemented July 1 in conjunction with the move to MotorsportReg.
  • We will implement the IKF rule change regarding transponder location beginning with the Winter season.  The transponder will need to be on the back of the seat, with the bottom 25cm from the ground, +/- 5cm.
  • The board agreed to officially rescind the surcharge for Wed night.  We will continue the Friday night ban on beginner rental customers and the Wednesday focus on those rental customers, but there will be no surcharge.  Staying open during the summer on Wednesdays at all is contingent on maintaining sufficient numbers.
  • The $10 first time introductory fee for first timers will be eliminated Aug 1.
  • We officially amended the Club Rules 500.41 regarding kart numbers to allow 3 digit numbers.
  • The Board […]
  • Motorsportsreg logo

PKRA Migration to MotorsportReg

June 20th, 2019|

PKRA is in the process of migrating from our current web purchasing to

Reasons for Change
Our previous product, Magento, has not been upgraded in years, and as is will not meet credit card processing requirements (PCI certification) this fall.  Upgrading and ongoing support for Magento are cost prohibitive.  Several functions in our implementation are currently broken, and it’s not practical to fix them.

Rewriting with a different tool was explored, but would ultimately suffer from the same support issues. Using a third party product will significantly reduce our support requirements and overall risk. MotorsportReg was evaluated against it’s nearest competitor and was found to better meet our needs and at lower cost.  Many other karting and autosports groups use MotorsportReg, and user account/driver profile information may be shared aross the multiple organizations.

We previously managed memberships manually in a spreadsheet, and there was no intelligence in the system to set options based on membership status.  Using MotorsportReg allows maintaining the membership status entirely in the system, and using the Account Relationship capability allow parents / primary members to manage registrations / purhcases on behalf of family drivers.

While MotorsportReg is clearly the best alternative, there are […]