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Championship Points Calculation Methodology

  • Points calculations conform to the PKRA Rules in section 500.4 – 500.6, using the NKA Points scheme.  The greater the number of competitors in a class, the greater the number of points given to finishing positions.
  • Winter and Summer Series both consist of 8-10 races, with points for each race totaled for the series, except that the lowest one or two are dropped (expect 1 drop for 8 races and 2 drops for 10 races).  See the race schedule for specifics for that season.
  • Points will not reflect these drops until the end of the season (if 2 drops, 1 will be reflected after 2nd to last race)
  • Ties are broken by number of wins, then # of seconds, and so on.
  • Competitors receiving a Disqualification penalty for the main receive 0 points for that race, and the race cannot be dropped.  (Note that in the final points calculation, this may require manually zeroing out the otherwise lowest finishes to force that 0 to be used)
  • Competitors receiving a green flag for at least one non-practice session (Qualifying, Heat, or Main) receive points.  A competitor not taking any green flag is not considered to have competed in that race (and are eligible for a refund).
  • Only members are eligible for championship trophies, and one cannot have a lapse of greater than 30 days.
  • Championship Classes (those receiving championship trophies) are those where the number of drivers for that class average 5 or more for that class in that season, except for Kid Karts and Novice classes, which are never competition classes.

Special Awards

The following awards are traditionally given out in addition to Championship Class Trophies:

  • Anyone who races all races in a particular season is traditionally given an “Iron Heart” award.
  • Anyone who races all races in both seasons is traditionally given an “Iron Man” award
  • A Champion of Champions award is given to the driver having the most combined points in both seasons.
    • Only the highest scoring class of each season is counted.
    • No drops are taken into account

Per Race Trophies

  • Kid Kart drivers will all receive per race trophies (unless they are disqualified).
  • Other classes will receive per race trophies (medals for Novice) if there are at least 5 entrants.

Briggs Weekly Racing Series

Briggs will not be conducting their Weekly Racing Series for 2023 or 2024.  Hopefully, they will resume in 2025.

  • Briggs & Stratton runs a Weekly Racing Series during the period of our Summer Season, and PKRA participates by submitting points from our regular summer races.
  • Competition LO206 classes are included (not Kid Kart, Novice, nor Two cycle classes)
  • Their series consists of 8 races with 1 drop (best 7 races) for each driver
  • Substantial prizes are awarded by Briggs (e.g. generators)
  • Their time frame extends from Feb through September, so in 2022, only 8 of our races are included (Oct 8 #10 and Oct 22 makeup race excluded).
  • Other clubs will get a head start in reporting results prior to the start of our summer season, but we’ll “catch up” as races are reported.
  • Clubs have a week to report with a week grace period, so there will be a delay in our data showing up.
  • See this link for More Background Information
  • See these links for standings:
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