Welcome to PKRA

Phoenix Kart Racing Association (PKRA) is a non-profit member operated club established in 1982 for those interested in Go Karting.  The club leases property from the Maricopa Park District on which the club maintains an outdoor asphalt road course track inside the Adobe Dam Park and Recreation Area.  The track allows for multiple configurations of up to 3/4th of a mile in length and averages 25 feet in width. With 12 turns of various radii and over 500 feet of straight away, it’s a constant challenge for both the novice and expert driver.

The club and track is for those who own their own karts.  There is no “arrive and drive” kart rental service.  The track is open to the public during regularly scheduled times, but members enjoy reduced rates and voting rights.  PKRA operates under Sprint Kart rules.  See below for required safety equipment and local karting vendors.

Some are satisfied with the fun of driving during practice sessions.  Others want the thrill of racing, and PKRA organizes club races about every other week, with two seasons of typically 10 races each, with Winter races on Sunday days and Summer races on Saturday nights.  Unlike some indoor karting tracks where every session is a “race” and measurement is by time, these are formal races, with racing officials and results determined by finishing order.  Competitive racing requires more commitment it terms of achieving proficiency and kart maintenance.  We would like new drivers to achieve lap times sufficient for them not to be lapped in a 10-15 lap race under normal conditions before entering races.

Many maintain their own karts, but local kart shops provide services that range from selling parts to fully maintaining karts, and even to storing and transporting your kart to the track.  See our Getting Started page for more background.

While our focus is certainly karting, Southwest Supermoto regularly holds events at the paved PKRA track under a separate Special Use Permit  The schedule can be found on the PKRA Calendar.  More information can be found at the Southwest Supermoto web page southwestsupermoto.com or the Southwest Supermoto Facebook page. Specific questions can be directed to: moto@pkra.com

Adobe Mountain Speedway (AMS) has reopened the oval dirt track area south of the paved PKRA road course track – see their web site at https://www.adobemountainspeedway.com.   PKRA’s agreement with the county will include responsibility for the AMS site, but AMS will be operated independently, and all questions should be directed to their contact page https://www.adobemountainspeedway.com/contact-us.

PKRA Club Mission Statement

To enrich the lives of its members by providing a unique practice and racing experience and to foster friendship and fellowship within the community and member base.

1st Principle:  Preserve and enhance the racing traditions and history of PKRA.

2nd Principle:  Be guided in all matters by that which best serves the interests of the membership.

3rd Principle:  Maintain an inviting facility with services and activities that encourage friendship, fellowship, family, and most of all, fun.

PKRA Track Schedule