Contact Information


Physical (Track) Location: 
22500 N 43rd Ave E
Glendale, AZ 85310, USA

Mailing Address:
20118 N 67th Ave, #300-179
Glendale, AZ 85308, USA

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first, and use specific email

below if applicable)

Advertising Rates

Advertising Rates

Track Signage:
2ft X 2ft sign $375 for 1 year
2ft X 4ft sign $525 for 1 year

Web Advertising

$500 for 1 year

Functional Contacts

General Inquiry
(Please review Getting Started
 and use a specific email
below if applicable)  
Bernie Lacotta
Online Race Registration,
Refunds  Self Help
Self Help Brad Jacks
MotorsportReg Tech Support
Self Help 415-462-5603
Advertising Directors
Kart Numbers Brad Jacks
Marketing Committee Chair President
Competition Committee Chair Garrett Drysdale
Super Moto Craig Skelton/
Alex Akers
Pit Spaces
Points Bill Scheets
Practice Scheduling Bernie Lacotta
Public Relations
Safety Director Bernie Lacotta
Scheduling Bernie Lacotta
Tech Director
Track Maintenance Bernie Lacotta
Track Rental Bernie Lacotta
(623) 225-9407
Training Director Rich Bowen
(602) 909-9511
Trophies and Prizes
Volunteering Bernie Lacotta
Website MGR Consulting
Manuel Gil del Real
County Liason &
Contract Negotiation Paul Hendricks

Board of Directors

Executive Board
President Micah Hendricks
Vice President Curtis Ruth
Treasurer Randy Ray
Secretary Brad Jacks
Bernie Lacotta   (Exp 8/2022)
Micah Hendricks   (Exp 8/2022)
Curtis Ruth (Exp 8/2022)
Bradley Jacks   (Exp 8/2023)
Rich Bowen  (Exp 8/2023)
Randy Ray  (Exp 8/2023)
Open   (Exp 8/2022)

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