Contact Information


Physical (Track) Location: 
22500 N 43rd Ave E
Glendale, AZ 85310, USA

Mailing Address:
20118 N 67th Ave, #300-179
Glendale, AZ 85308, USA

(Please review Getting Started
first, and use specific email

below if applicable)

Advertising Rates

Advertising Rates

Track Signage:
2ft X 2ft sign $375 for 1 year
2ft X 4ft sign $525 for 1 year

Web Advertising

$500 for 1 year

Functional Contacts

General Inquiry
(Please review Getting Started
 and use a specific email
below if applicable)  
Rich Bowen /
Bernie Lacotta
Online Race Registration,
Refunds  Self Help
Self Help David Hilburn
MotorsportReg Tech Support
Self Help 415-462-5603
Advertising Directors
Kart Numbers David Hilburn
Facility Director Rich Bowen
Marketing Committee Chair President
Competition Committee Chair Garrett Drysdale
Super Moto Craig Skelton/
Alex Akers
Pit Spaces David Hilburn
Points Bill Scheets
Practice Scheduling Rich Bowen /
Bernie Lacotta
Public Relations
Safety Director Rich Bowen/
Bernie Lacotta
Scheduling Rich Bowen /
Bernie Lacotta
Tech Director Rich Bowen /
Bernie Lacotta
Track Maintenance Rich Bowen/
Bernie Lacotta
Track Rental Bernie Lacotta
(623) 225-9407
Training Director Rich Bowen
(602) 909-9511
Trophies and Prizes Melissa Ruth
Volunteering Rich Bowen/
Bernie Lacotta
Website MGR Consulting
Manuel Gil del Real
County Liason &
Contract Negotiation Paul Hendricks

Board of Directors

Executive Board
President Brad Jacks
Vice President John Haley
Treasurer Randy Ray
Secretary David Hilburn
Bradley Jacks   (Exp 8/2023)
Rich Bowen  (Exp 8/2023)
Randy Ray  (Exp 8/2023)
Charlie Bily   (Exp 8/2024)
John Haley   (Exp 8/2024)
David Hilburn (Exp 8/2024)
Peter Spilger (Exp 8/2024

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