Kart Practice Information

PKRA is normally open for kart practice 6 days a week, providing much greater value than most tracks.  Members enjoy reduced practice rates.

Practice Rates

PKRA No longer accepts cash for Practice Fees.  We only accept Credit and Debit Cards.

Night /
Half Day
Full Day
Two Day
Grid Entry
Normal Open
Gold Free Free N/A Free
Silver $6 $6 N/A $5
Bronze $15 $15 N/A $5
Non-Member $40 $60 N/A $5
Special Practice
All N/A $100 N/A $15
Special Event
Gold $25 $40 $75 Free
Silver $25 $40 $75 $5
Bronze $25 $40 $75 $5
Non-Member $50 $80 $120 $5

Track Practice Day Procedures

This is a summary of Practice Day Procedures. (They vary a bit from Race Day Procedures)

  • Front Row pit spots are open on a first come – first served basis.
  • Please park additional vehicles not transporting a kart on the back row or behind other vehicles carrying karts to allow room for others.
  • The Registration Desk for Practice is just outside the Grid Pits, between the “A” and “B” Grid.
  • Drivers and anyone entering the Pit Grid area must sign in, and pay according to the practice pricing schedule.  Parents / Guardians  must sign a release for minors.
  • Pit Pass Wrist Bands are required.
  • Drivers must understand the particular configuration being run that day, including the path to be taken back into the pits.  Normally, the configuration is that of the next club race, but exceptions may be made for special situations (e.g. when there are long periods between races).
  • Karts are brought into the grid area next to the Registration Desk, and can be put down on either the “A” or “B” grid, but only on one side of the grid (the side away from the track) to allow a sufficient path through the grid.
  • If the track starts to get busy, parking at a diagonal is helpful, but the grid is full, please bring your kart from the grid to your pit to allow room for everyone and keep the grid safe.
  • Karts may be driven through the grid area, but limited to 5mph.  Coming off the track into the pits, cones direct you back into the grid instead of over the scales.
  • When coming out of the pits on to the track, look for karts, and take care to never come out right in front of someone else.  It will take you awhile to get up to speed, so give them plenty of room.  Look a few corners ahead;  they will be at full speed and catch up with you quickly.
  • If you go off track, check for other karts behind you and wait until you won’t come out right in front of someone else.
  • Stopping on track is not allowed.  If you have trouble and can’t get back to the pits, you must move the kart off the track.
  • The end of your session is signaled by a checked flag thrown at pit exit.  Please acknowledge that with a raised hand and exit at your first opportunity.
  • When exiting the track, raise your hand prior to slowing down as a signal to anyone behind you.  Do this prior to your last corner.
  • Remember that this is open practice with mix of experience and skill levels, and not racing.  Take extra caution when passing;  it is your responsibility to demonstrate the patience to wait a few corners until you can make an easy, clean pass.   If you are really stuck behind someone, come through the pits (slowly!), and find a gap when you come out.
  • If you are aware of someone faster behind you, point to the side you are expecting them to pass on.  Note they may have already committed to a different line and may pass you on the other side.
  • Parents may be on track with Kid Karts only.
  • Practice Sessions are split into separate groups, with some flexibility in grouping depending on numbers of karts in each class:
    • Kid Karts – always by themselves
    • Junior 1/ Cadet – Can be combined with Junior 2 only.
    • Adult – Can be 4 cycle or TAG.  Can be combined with Junior 2 or Shifters
    • Beginner 4 cycle – may be split out as a separate group
    • TAG and/or Shifters may be split out as a separate group(s)
  • Sessions are generally 10 minutes for each grouping.  If there are only a few groups, this can sometimes be extended to 15 minutes.
  • Different Days of the Week each have a different focus, but may vary for special events or situations.  See the PKRA Calendar for the up to date schedule.
    • Mondays – Closed.
    • Tuesdays – Beginner Training Practice.  First timers can go out by themselves, and there is someone to provide basic instruction.  This is limited to beginners only.
    • Wednesdays – Open Practice.
    • Thursdays – Open Practice.
    • Fridays – Racer/Experienced Driver Practice.  The focus is for Experienced drivers, and in particular for those planning to race in the next weekend race. Beginners will not be accommodated .  Beginners should come out on Tuesdays.
    • Weekends – Open Practice.  During the winter, there is generally one session during the day.  During the summer, there is generally early morning sessions on Saturday and Sunday with a night session on Saturday.  There is no practice on race days.