PKRA Park Overnight Rules

The Adobe Dam Regional Park has strict regulations that PKRA and attendees must adhere to.  Anyone who violates park rules shall be guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.  Of particular note, there can be no glass bottles, and absolutely nothing may be dumped, including grey water.

PKRA requires pets to be on a 6 foot leash, in someone’s arms, or in an enclosed trailer / vehicle (obviously not in a hot car). If an animal bites someone, the pet will be banned forever, and the person/family will be suspended/banned for at least 30 days.

PKRA prohibits the consumption of alcohol until the last kart has completed on track sessions.


RVs are allowed in the pit area during PKRA Club Races if there is sufficient room, but there is no camping in the pit area, and RVs must not be left overnight in the pit area.  Special Events may have stricter rules.  Under no circumstances is anything to be dumped anywhere in the park area, and that includes grey water.  Fires are often prohibited, particularly during the summer.

There are a few electrical hookups available in the pits (see the Race Pricing page), but none in the designated camping area.

Remember when parking that a fire lane must be maintained in the pit area (See the Pit Map).

Trailers and Equipment

Trailers and Equipment may be left overnight for race events in the pit area at the owner’s risk (see the Race Pricing page).


Camping is allowed only along the north/northeast fence of the outside parking lot for PKRA Club Races and some outside events.  See the Race Pricing page for current prices.  There are no hookups available.  The gate into the park is closed overnight.  It will open automatically and allow exit, but not reentry until morning.  There is no security provided, though Special Events may choose to have personnel present overnight.