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PKRA Club Race Pre-Registration Instructions for MotorsportReg

  • PKRA is using MotorsportReg for online Club Race Pre-Registration.
  • Registration must use the profile of the particular driver.  Registering multiple family member drivers easily done from a single log-in if your account relationships are set up correctly (if you have an issue with this, please contact  You may register multiple drivers before completing check-out, but they are considered individual registrations.
  • Registration will use the contact information (including birth date for age verification), emergency contact information, and vehicle transponder from the particular driver profile. Please make sure this information is current.
  • You’ll need to create at least one vehicle – we’ll pull the transponder number from it.  If you rent your transponder, you’ll still need to have a vehicle with a blank transponder number.  This needs to be done only once, and you can do it on the fly during registration.
  • Registration will force unique Kart numbers within a class. Before selecting a number, please review both the current member Kart # Reservations List as well as past seasons usage (see Points and/or Race Results) to select a number not currently being used.  Members may request kart number reservations at ( Driver, Class Kart Number).
  • Up to two Front Row Pit spots may be purchased for this race only through this registration (subject to availabilty).  Members may alternatively choose to purchase up to two race day pit spots for the duration of their membership through the membership event.  Back Row pit spots are free on race day, but may also be reserved with membership. See for current Membership Pit Spot Reservations.
  • MotorsportReg allows for editing of registrations until registration is closed.  Keep in mind that if you have already registered a driver for one class, and then go into registration again, you are editing the original registration and not adding to it.  If you want to add a class, you need to leave the already registered class and specify a second or third class.
  • You can also cancel your registration – go to your account Dashboard, and then Event Dashboard for the particular Race Event.  There is a Cancel option on the list of possible actions.  Please send an email to as well, since refunds are not automatic, and the cancelation email might be missed.
  • You can view who has already registered by using the link in the upper right hand corner of the initial event screen.
  • For PKRA Members
    • All current members are already set up with account profiles in MotorsportReg  If you have any issues, do NOT create new profile(s) as they won’t have your membership information, and this will be more confusing for both yourself and PKRA.
    • Password resets are easy to do yourself, and we can remind you which email was used for the account if you forget.
    • If you have any issues with membership, please contact well before race registration.  Membership purchases/renewals must be done in MotorsportReg, but require manual processing to update your membership status in the system, so we ask you allow 5 days.
    • You will not get the member discount until your membership has been processed, and there will be no refunds of the non-member price due to not renewing in time.
  • Please contact with any issues with race registration well before pre-registration closes.


  • Technical Support for account management and payment is provided by MotorsportReg through
  • Support for Club Race Registration is provided by PKRA through
  • We have a liberal refund policy for club races to encourage pre-registration (in addition to the substantial discount).  If a driver did not take a green flag for Qualifying or Races, we will be happy to refund the Race Entry and Transponder Rental(s).  Pit Passes may also be refunded if those people did not attend the race.  To request a refund, email with the specifics (including whether you attended the race), and please do so in a timely manner (normally within a week after the event).

Other PKRA Club Race Instructions

  • Please familiarize yourself with PKRA racing requirements at and class specifications at before you register.
  • A transponder is required for racing. You can use your own or rent one from PKRA.  See more specifics on the page.
  • Wristbands must be purchased and worn for anyone in the pit area (anywhere karts are) and is an insurance requirement. Wristbands for the driver are included with registration. A public spectator area is available with bleachers outside this pit area where pit pass wrist bands are not required.
  • Please keep your emergency contact information current.
  • Fuel cans and Tires must be taken with you. They cannot be left at the track.