The PKRA Board of Directors has chosen Hoosier tires for the PKRA spec club race tire beginning May 1.  The reasons are simple – Hoosier offers more durable tire compounds that will stand up to our abrasive track with very good performance.  We also expect a lower retail price.

We believe this provides the best value for our members;  allowing them to purchase tires less often and reducing their cost when they do.  We believe this provides much greater value than the race day free tire drawings, and benefits those who do not choose to race.  We expect the largest benefit to be to the LO206 Jr 2, Senior, and Masters classes, and feel this will encourage drivers to come out more often.  We feel keeping costs down is important to growing the club.

While the board made the decision in closed sessions over a number of months, we’ve heard a great deal of input from the members, with the overwhelming majority complaining about tire costs.  We believe we have weighed all the factors, including the potential implications of promotors bringing races to PKRA, and believe this is in the overall best interests of the club.  The vote was unanimous, except for one abstention.

Hoosier has a great reputation worldwide in may forms of auto-sports, but are made in the US.  We have no doubts of the quality, consistency, and availability.  Testing has shown the tires will work well at our track.

Thanks for your continued support,

PKRA Board of Directors