PKRA Racing
A Modern Sprint Karting Club with Multiple Layout Options

PKRA is inside a park that closes at 10 PM and prohibits overnight camping. Overnight camping is available next to the park at Victory Lane for $25 per night.

  • Multiple Layout Options
  • Multiple Age Categories
  • Experienced Race Directors
  • Food Concessions Available
  • Free Spectator Entry

To join our club, and start enjoying the benefits of membership, please visit the following link.

Join PKRA: Arizona's Premier Kart Club


     IKF Minor Release Form

Racing Flags

Safety is always important, and all PKRA drivers should be well versed on the racing flags. Please review this document prior to competing at PKRA. This will help both you as a competitor, and the PKRA Race Staff run a smooth event.





Live Timing


Live Timing is functioning and available for future PKRA Club Races.  The addition of Live Timing adds to the entertainment value and excitement of the event.  It is also extremely beneficial for use during the new 8 minute open qualifying sessions.  To view the Live Timing, you will need a smartphone or laptop with an internet connection, and either the Race-Monitor Application or Race Hero.  

Race-Monitor is available at  Race-Monitor runs on Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac Computers, and Windows Computers.  You will find PKRA races listed in the directory.

RaceHero is also available as an Apple iOS or Androd app, or through the web at


Race Pricing Table

   Pre-Registration opens the Sunday before the race.
   Winter Sunday Day Races:  Pre-Registration closes Saturday noon
   Summer Saturday Night Races:  Pre-Registration closes Friday 6:00PM


badge nonmember badge bronze badge silver

for 2nd

for 2nd

Race Pre-Entry

Oct 1:  $100
Oct 1:  $60
Oct 1:  $60

Jul 1: $0

Race On-Site Entry

Oct 1:  $125
Oct 1:  $85
Oct 1:  $85

Jul 1: $0

Adult Pit Pass

$10.00 $10.00 $10.00  

Minor Pit Pass
(2-17yrs - Under 2 Free)

$5.00 $5.00 $5.00  

Front Row Spot
(Per Race)

Oct 1:  $25
Oct 1:  $25
Oct 1:  $25

Front Row Spot
(Purchased w/Membership)

N/A $0.00 $0.00  

Miscellaneous Services

    Overnight RV Camping on North
side of outside parking lot.
$10/night $10/night $10/night      
  Overnight Trailer/equipment
storage in pit - at your own risk.
$10/night $10/night $10/night      
  RV Electrical Hookups (30A/50A)
Race day (no camping in pits)
Includes overnight parking.
$25/night $25/night $25/night      

Racing Schedule
Enhance Your Karting with wheel to wheel Competition
The Summer 2019 Championship is a 10 race series with 2 drops.

For the summer season, we are continuing with a Qualifying format, with one Heat and a Main.  Qualifying is an open qualifying session (about 7 minutes).

Race #Race DateTrack Layout
Summer 1 Apr 13, 2019 Two Straights CW - Surfer's Classic
Summer 2 Apr 27, 2019 Full Track CW
Summer 3 May 11, 2019 Short Track CW
Summer 4 May 25, 2019 Vintage Two Straights CW *
Summer 5 Jun 8, 2019 Full Track CCW
Summer 6 Jun 22, 2019 Two Straights CCW
Summer 7 Jul 13, 2019 Vintage CCW *   Register in
Summer 8 Aug 17, 2019 Vintage CW *    Register in
Summer 9 Sep 14, 2019 Short Track CCW    Register in
Summer 10 Sep 28, 2019 Full Track CW   Register in
Rain Date Oct 5, 2019 Configuration of canceled race

* Shifters will always race the extended, non-Vintage configuration.  Shifters can come to practice in that configuration, particularly Saturday and Sunday mornings.



Add multiple entries and drivers associated with your PKRA Membership to the same shopping cart for automatic application of the PKRA Multi-Entry Discount.

NOTE:  Discount appears in Shopping Cart Total after entry

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Saturday Schedule

Saturday Race Schedule
Time Session
 3:00PM Gates Open
 4:00PM Registration Opens
Pre-Tech Opens
 5:00PM Practice Starts
 5:30PM Registration Closes
5 min after
Drivers Meeting - Required 
  Qualifying, starting with Kid Karts
    30 min Dinner Break
  Heat, starting with Kid Karts
    15 min break
  Mains, starting with Kid Karts
Schedule Depends on number of classes/group.  Delays are possible

Personal Safety Equipment Required for Karting

  • Full-Face Racing Helmet with proper certification - up to one cycle older than current per rules
  • Neck Collar
  • Abrasion Resistant Gloves
  • Abrasion Resistant Clothing - Karting Suit or Jacket and Jeans
  • High Top Shoes with Socks
  • Under 12 - SFI Approved Chest Protector
  • Long Hair must be adequately restained (tucking into race suit insuffiecient)

Highlighted Rules

  • There are no glass bottles allowed at PKRA at any time, due to park restrictions
  • No drinking of alcohol is allowed by anyone until all racing/sessions have been completed.
  • All two cycles karts must have air boxes (silencers) for practice and races.
Race Day: 
  • Everyone in the Pit area (beyond the spectator area by bathrooms) must purchase a pit pass for insurance purposes.
  • No one is allowed past the pit out red line without grid boss permission.
  • No one is allowed past the red line at the scales besides the driver (kid kart excepted).
  • There is no driving from B Grid to A Grid.  Karts are unloaded in B Grid and Pushed to A Grid.
  • Front row pit spots are premium spots and require either an annual or one time fee.
  • New drivers must have an "X" on their rear number and start from the back for 3 races.
  • There is no passing under yellow/caution.  This includes the outlap and after the checker.

Transponders Required for Racing

MyLaps transponders are required for all karts participating in races.  You can use your own, or rent one from PKRA.  


The old AMB TransX 160 transponders work well, but are no longer manufactured.  
These are the type the club rents, and you'll need a bracket like this installed on your kart:




  The new X2 transponders require a subscription (1, 2 or 5 years) and use a different bracket.


Per 2018 IKF rules, the leading edge of the transponder must be mounted back from the top of the kingpin at least 12 inches.  IKF is changing the rule for transponder location to put it on the back of the seat, with the bottom 25cm from the ground, +/- 5cm.  PKRA will implement this change for the 2020 Winter season. 

During Qualifying sessions, if a rented transponder fails, you'll be allowed to re-qualify, but not if your own transponder fails or you forgot to put one on.

PKRA requests you put your transponder on for practice, so we can identify any that aren't working.