Special Race Procedures During Phase 1 Opening Period

During the Arizona Phase 1 opening period (until further notice), a number of procedures will be different.

There will be No Onsite Registrations.

  • You must pre-register online, including all classes, transponder purchases / numbers, non-driver pit passes by name, and front row pit spaces.
    • There will be no on site sales, and no one will be admitted that hasn’t been pre-registered by name.  
    • We are limiting Non-Driver Pit Pass Wrist Bands to 2 per driver.  The county requires that there be no spectators, and found that we were not complying for race #1.
  • Please make sure all information is correct, including drivers age and transponder  number in addition to race entry itself.
  • Note that you may change your registration up until the closing of registration at 6:00pm the Friday before (but please don’t wait until the last minute;  stuff happens, and what’s there at 6:00pm is what we go with).
  • Note also we have a very flexible refund policy.
  • Please review the documentation for normal registration at https://www.pkra.com/race-registration-through-motorsportreg/
  • Register early to avoid disappointment.

These additional restrictions apply:

  • Please fill out and sign the required Waiver and/or Consent forms and bring them with you to the track – see https://www.pkra.com/racing/#waiver-forms for the forms and more information.  
  • We are not allowed to have spectators.  After the first race, the county informed us we had too many people that appeared to be spectators, and that we were not in compliance with their requirement.  We are therefore limiting the number of non-drivers and support people and family to a maximum of 2.  While we normally encourage the whole family to come out, we are only allowed to hold these races under the restrictions the county gives us.  They are paying attention and will not let us race if we don’t follow their restrictions.
  • Check-in will be done through the Registration window.  No one else will be allowed in the Registration room.
  • The grid is particularly over crowded
    • Only one crew is allowed on the grid with a driver.
    • There is no viewing of the race from the grid area.
    • Please keep the grid as clear as possible
  • You must leave at least one empty pit space between yourself and the next team.
    • We will coordinate and assign the front row pit spots and limit pit spots 1-22 to only existing full year pit spot owners.
    • Those with two pit spots may use both spots.
    • Please see the updated pit map, for current assignments, though this is a moving target (so refresh the browser).
    • Unassigned back row spots are open on a first-come, first served basis.  We’ll expect a lot of entries, and we’ll be particularly full using only 1/2 the spots.  It would be best if you parked one spot away from someone who has already pitted to avoid leaving too many open spots.
  • There will be no food vendor at the track.  No food buffets are allowed.
  • Be careful what you touch and sanitize and wash your hands frequently.
  • Please practice social distancing as you would elsewhere.  No shaking hands, high fives, or hugs.
  • Drivers will be asked to spread out during the driver’s meeting.
  • If you feel you may have symptoms, please stay at home. If you develop symptoms later, please let us know.

Due to the increased number of classes and entries, we are moving to much earlier hours than we normally have.  Timed Practice starts at 3:00.

Due to the large number of entries expects, we ask that you bring your own transponder if you have one and make sure it’s charged.  We normally are very happy to rent you our transponders, but we have a limited number availabile.  While we normally encourage that you to rent separate transponders if you run multiple classes, you might want to consider renting one for multiple classes if you remember to switch it out every time.

We expect many more than usual out of towners that may not have raced at PKRA before.  Please review all procedures at https://www.pkra.com/racing/

Also remember these changes for the Summer Season:

  • Spec tire changed to Hoosier.  For the specific compound for your class, see the Classes page
  • We’ve moved to NKA Rules.  Please be familiar with these rules prior to the race.
    Note that the PKRA Club Rules still take precedence.
  • We’ll be gridding up for qualifying based on timed practice.

While we have this opportunity, and we believe this race represents a relatively low risk, please remember COVID-19 hasn’t gone away, and follow good social distancing and hygeine practices.

  • If you feel sick, stay home.
  • Wash your hands frequently and/or sanitize your hands.
  • Please practice social distancing and space out, particularly around the grid area
  • Avoid shaking hands, high fives or hugs.
  • Obviously, if you feel sick, please stay home, and if you do get sick later, please let us know.

Race Day Check-in Procedures

Check-in procedures are evolving, so check your email for the proper procedures.

  • Please fill out the waiver forms ahead of time.
  • If you have any questions, please contact registration@pkra.com

We will likely follow the same pit entry procedure as at the last two races:

  • Drive in the main gate, Park in outer lot (do not impede traffic)
  • One person walks up to registration queue (social distancing)
  • If you have printed and completed your forms, and have no changes, proceed to Window #1
  • Show completed forms at window, picks up wristbands and transponder
  • If you were unable to print forms, or you have changes, proceed to Window #2
  • Tell the worker your driver’s name, get forms, fill out forms, pick up wristbands and transponder(s).
  • Return to vehicle, put on wristbands
  • Proceed to pit gate where you will only be admitted if all occupants are wearing wristbands

Official Policy

The following procedures have been developed in cooperation with the County to ensure the safest event possible. Not everyone receives or reads these emails– please help us out and make sure your friends are aware of our “new normal”. Also, please be respectful of other people’s comfort level and safety. If you feel sick at all, please do not attend!

Entry is by pre-registration ONLY.
This includes all pit passes.

Please do not wait until the last minute to try to register. If you encounter any sort of problems, we may not be able to help you before online entry closes.

Online registration closes at 6:00pm Friday, 5/15. No exceptions.

Check-in will be done through the Registration window.

Everything will be “one-way”. Individual waivers will go out to you to be signed and dropped into a drop box that is outside.

Nothing goes back in through the window once it leaves. This will help minimize spreading anything to other members via shared waivers and shared contact with the registration person.

No one else will be allowed in the Registration room.

The workers with face to face contact with participants will be wearing face masks. This includes Registration, Grid, Scales, Tech, and Gate.

Parking will be allowed in Even Numbered Pit Spots only. This will put an appropriate distance between participants and space them out around the facility.

Bathrooms will be given a thorough cleaning before the event.

Only one crew person will be allowed on A-Grid with their driver. Additionally, no spectating will be allowed from A-Grid. A-Grid must be vacated as soon as the racers enter on to the track. This is to minimize people congregating in that area.

Drivers will be asked to spread out during the driver’s meeting.

There will be no food services allowed at the event.

As dictated by EO Guidelines, no spectators will be allowed at the event.

Participants should be prepared to answer questions about their health and/or recent travel.

Social distancing guidelines are to be observed, including:
keeping 6′ apart
no hugging/touching
no sharing of tools/equipment/etc.
wash hands and sanitize frequently

And overall HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!